Season 13 Race 1 Monza Setup Thread

Good setup, only thing i tweaked in the end was a bit more relaxed front rebound. Needed a bit more weight on the rear in the mid-corner power on phase (the part where throttle needs to hit 100%).

Jim Hawley

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Public server fun n games

I didn't think of turning flag rules on on the public server. I closed it as soon as Jim told me about the monkey business, but I guess I can try open it again with the flag rules on? Or will it only be filled with wreckers fillthing up the good PrestoGP name?

Sean Greenlaw

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Not long to go till 1st race, so hopefully will be mainly just us on racing anyway Nico :thumbsup:

I had some practise last night will be on again tonight maybe a longer run squeezed in and will be probably all the practise I can fit in for 1st race :cautious: but cant wait hopefully will be a epic 1st race.
Monza and public is often bad idea.. The first turn is an idiotmagnet.

Really short on practice, i had really wonderful feel on the first practice, up to speed at lap 2.. setup is done.. Most likely just one more session and it'll have to do. Monza is pretty well known track for every simdriver ever..

Hate to do this but.. I would really appreciate if you check this FB page, like if you want to like..
ROTFL I know you're slowing down in your old age Jim but 13 seconds slower at Monza......

it's worse than I ever suspected.,,,,,,,
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Reik Major

Guys I'm very, very sorry I can't race tonight. :( :cry:

During the last weeks the situation in my relationship got worse and worse until it was nearly for certain my wife wants to leave me. The whole story is very complicated. It's not about another person in her our my life but about many things which happened between us and I didn't notice how much they've an impact on us. However since today there's a small hope to get things solved, because we're very likely to start a therapy for couples, which would run for many months and help us getting a new perspective (which could also mean a friendly end of the relation ship but I hope this won't happen).

I gave you this short deeper look, because I value you all as very good friends.

I wish you very much fun tonight and I'm optimistic that things to come will quickly give me back the fun in racing with you from next round. :thumbsup:

David Turnbull

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:( me also jim.

all thoughts of the race just went right out the window, hope everything works out good for you and the wife reik, every couple has their ups and downs, good that your trying to sort things out, we're always here if you need us, take care :thumbsup:

Peter Decker

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Not many things in life - if any - are more important than situations like these. Go put all energy there is mate. Rewarding results will come.

Reik Major

Oh dear! Thank you all very much for your good blessings! :confused: :inlove: :thumbsup:

In the meantime things are looking much more positive. We both had a single session with the mentor last week to find out many things about ourselves. We're now going to start the relationship counselling with sessions every few weeks. This will become a long journey with open ending but in the end we'll both agree into the outcome (let's hope the best).

Since we both know we want to go for it, our behavoir has already changed, because we don't look back but forward. So life feels better now. :)

Now the bad news:
From the time before the crisis became true, it was clarified with our jobs that we'll have holiday next week. Considering the very new situation we decided to give our son to his grandparents end to have a short trip on our own for the first time since he was born. That's a thing we're both very much looking forward to.

So unfortunately I'll miss the next race, too. :cry: :cry: :cry:
There's a very, very small chance, we start the trip on thursday morning, so there's a tiny possibility I could race on wednesday. But it's not very likely. Hope you understand that choice.

I'll give my best for the rest of the season to even make it the best I've ever had. Be aware I'll come back in very good conditions. ;) :thumbsup: