Season 12 Race 8 Monaco Setup Thread

Lol, you beat me by 22 minutes, came here to start the thread :)

1:21? Wow, well that's out of my league.. Could manage only 1:24, have to check that video closer to see where i can improve. Had to resort to lowering steering sensitivity curve to 40%, steering angle at 20 it's just too twitchy.. Much better since i need full lock only once.. EDIT: Hmm, my FoV had slipped to 79, that can make a huge difference in Monaco, less FoV the "wider" the road is. Dropped that back to 72, which is optimal for my setup.
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I reverted back to my own, it is a bit slower but a lot easier, based on Barcelona setup (careful with the throttle, it does have an attitude when left foot braking..).. Monaco is race of concentration and attrition. Would like to still get a good Q lap, helps a long way..


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I'm dropping in to 23s if i get one clean lap :) 7 tenths up and always blow it on Rascasse and try to compensate on the last turn, it doesn't work that way.. Used Seans setup tweaked towards my own preferred setup. Mine just was too unbalanced, it turns like a dream but is too tricky and slow in the slows turns. Those were the last place to improve, a little bit time spent on gearing, using 2nd and 3rd more, where i use 1st and 2nd.. Gonna be tight gearing and LOTS of gear up changes and less gear down. I just love how i have another option on the exits, tight turn and tremendous acceleration on 1st (and 2nd) or coming in smoother and keeping the speed thru turns with 2nd (and 3rd). Tabac is still a bit problematic, too bad those flags are buried under the grandstand (if you remember for past seasons, the trackbuilder had buried about 12 flags around Tabac under the grandstands, there is no real turn-in point markers, which those flags are made for..You can see them if you stop at Tabac and watch under the grandstand scaffolding, there's British, Ferrari etc flags.. Specially the first three are pretty close to "count to three" type of visual signs, you align turn-in with first, brake when you see the second and align exit at third..)

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using seans setup from a while back managed a .1.21.4 with it so far ;)

EDIT: this may be the wrong setup ill check it and change later if it is, i seem to have a few that are called roughly same things.


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i use 00x format on setups, latest has the highest number. With 'r' in the end if it's race, 'w' if it's wet and so on. Keeps them in order, too bad my old F1 setups are sometimes named the same way so they get slowly overwritten..

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