Season 12 Race 10 A1 Ring - RACE REPORT

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
Qual - 1st :)

good lap, thankfully, was put off on the second attempt but first was enough.

Race - 1st :)

Im not going to ramble on about a fairly routine 1 stop strategy, it felt good, i felt good, winning was all i could do to keep the pressure on sean, i managed it so iam happy to finish the season with a win. :)

tonight goes to sean though, ultra consistent season, well deserved championship, im happy to see sean win this one like myself hes put in the time and effort so it cant go to a more deserving person in my eyes. ;)

grats sean, defending next season will be a blast ive no doubts, but until then enjoy the champ :D

grats rest of podium and all racers, everyone makes this place special, long may it continue, long live presto :thumbsup:
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Kennett Ylitalo

Oct 23, 2008
Congratulations to Sean, we have a new champion.

Hats off for David, you didn't give up.

And special gratitude to all participants, this was a great season.

Q: Not good...

R: Not good either, i had pretty fine pace but around lap 10, i felt the nature calling. Then i realised why it felt like i had extra time before race started: forgot to use the loo.. I tried my best to contain it but at the last pitstop, i just had to go, couldn't drive for another 20 minutes. Lost time of course, which wreck my chances. Too bad, i reckon i would've been close to Bob L and watching our gap, it would've been great battle. Should've, could've..

The battle in the beginning was totally awesome, so hard to pass with high wings. Pretty much had to muscle my way thru.. That pass in T6 was.. great, i think everyone will agree ;) Not the most common place but for me that was the place where i could make the most difference. T5 and T6 that setup really worked like a charm.

Season was long. Had ups and downs. As a league, this is truly special one. Everyone is driving so consistently, putting so much effort on each lap, kudos to all. Like David said, Long Live PrestoGP.
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April Dillon

Dec 11, 2009
The battle in the beginning was totally awesome, so hard to pass with high wings. Pretty much had to muscle my way thru.. That pass in T6 was.. great, i think everyone will agree ;) Not the most common place but for me that was the place where i could make the most difference. T5 and T6 that setup really worked like a charm.

Dude, there was one awesome moment there where I was trying to pass you on the inside into turn 3. The only way you were coming out ahead was if you passed Kurt right then and there. So, you did. That was spectacular!

Reik Major

Nov 12, 2008
grats sean, defending next season will be a blast ive no doubts, but until then enjoy the champ :D

I can only agree. Huge congrats Sean for this great season win! :thumbsup:

I hope I get my chance to fight you back in the next season (hopefully again with F3000 in Race07), because I felt I made an improvement compared to the last 2 seasons with F3000.

Qualy (4th):

Made a mistake in the beginning of the first timed lap, so had to abort and only one more try. It went well with a 1:18:3xx. I didn't expect a better one :whistling:.

Race (3rd):

strategy: 68/64/64

I had a nice start and Held 4th Position through T1. It was a nice and close to the following Corners with Guus, David and Sean. A few laps later I could catch Sean easiely, so I knew he was on a 1-stopper. A bit later when David and Guus fighted for the lead, I could also pass David. Guus and me slightly opened a gap, so also David turned out to be on a 1-stopper.

Guus seemed to be slightly quicker than me and also drove less wing. But after a few laps he made a slight mistake and I could gain P1. I was leading by ~ 3 seconds, when Guus made his first stop. One lap later I came in. All the 1-stoppers. My stop went perfect, so I reentered in front of Guus.

Guus was always slightly faster and in the end of the second stint he put me under pressure. I few Corners I could defend him but finally made a mistake, which caused slightly contact. Sorry mate! :( (see incidents report) Due to being guilty I let Guus pass me and take the lead (the 1-stoppers had pitted in the meantime).

Only one lap later I saw Guus going for one more lap, so in the last moment I decided to turn into the pits one lap earlier and maybe undercut him. The stop went perfect again and when I came back to the s/f-straight one lap later I saw Guus leaving his pit spot in front of me, so I thought he'd defend his Position. (Un-)fortunately he overshot the pit exit corner, so I could pass him. Sorry mate. :whistling:

After my second stop I was P3 now, David was leading by ~ 20 seconds and Sean in P2 by ~ 11 seconds gap to me. Being on lighter strategy I was trying my best to gain on Sean but the gap decreased very slowly and I had a few slight mistakes here and there.

In the end I gained more on Sean, because his tyres had much more laps then mine. So I finished 3rd only ~ 4 seconds behind Sean. I was a bit unhappy about my mistake with Guud costing us maybe 5 seconds, because I could've been closer to Sean then. But all in all it wasn't more I could ask for so big congrats again to David for the win and to Sean for 2nd and Championship win.

I like to thank Nico, Daniel and all racers here very much for this great enjoyable place! :thumbsup:

Let's keep it running... :cool: ;) :thumbsup:

Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
Feb 3, 2009
Q: 3rd couple small mistakes in both laps but happy with 3rd

R: 2nd 97 97 Wasn't sure of strategy until after q I knew 1 and 2 would be close but 2 would need to be front row and to be on it to get the gaps needed, so 3rd best option was 1 stop.

Race start and 1st few laps were great fun was able stay in fight as David was defending and Gus and Reik close behind and passing at the time I knew with them looking to be 2 stopping this could only help overall time for 1 stop to work good.

After few laps trying to concentrate being just close to David and stick it out for long run but Tim was close behind and then starting to put some moves on me this was also great fun, I was able to defend just but also this costing me small amounts of time to David. Then the fast running Peter also applied pressure getting passed Tim and almost sticking a move on me but just to deep allowing me to get position back as he went for inside I was manage to stick it back round inside t3, this actually gave me small gap to Peter and Tim which was close to 1st pit for 2 stops so I was now concentrating on pace again.

Gap to David pretty steady and to pits I overrun box costing me another few secs to David so knew win now prob out of reach and in turn would make it close battle for 2nd towards end of race.

In the end it was just enough to manage last stint and keep Reik out of reach just, any mistakes etc and it would have been close also for Gus and Reik had they not made any to could have changed the outcome. Just goes to show the small margins of errors etc can change races which is really cool stuff.

Thanks to everyone and has really been a great season, been a long time coming from back when 1st started in div2 mid grid to now winning championship just shows how practise can make the difference in long run. Big thanks to Reik and everyone for setups and stuff early days of mmg etc and getting me to improve race by race couldn't have won it without everyone elses hard work to.
Consistancy was often my biggest flaw and a stark contrast to what this season has been with 5 wins, 3 2nds, 1 3rd and a 8th place my worst :O_o: with the problem of nvdia card freezing for 30 40 secs and also losing audio could have ruined season. Thankfully I was able to get borrow of Old presto'neer Chirlies ati card :thumbsup:for the remainder when I noticed problem again Monaco or could have ended badly.
Still easily my best ever and obvious with the championship :)

Thanks again to everyone ! Daniel for excellent weather RD and special thanks to Nico for giving us this place to race we all love:inlove: and long may it continue whatever the future holds :thumbsup:

Have a nice break and will see you guys for some fun races, around here and the next season :D

Bob Miley

Sep 14, 2008
My best race so far. would have finished 8th without any mistakes. Instead finished 11th because I made a mistake with fuel. Always do 190 Ltr for every race,but noticed the last few races had 20 L left at the end, so dropped my fuel by 20 L and had to make a 3rd emergency stop for 20 L. Never mind happy with my performance.

Congrats to Sean for the championship.
May 15, 2008
Big congrats to Sean for his Championship. It is well deserved! It's been a pleasure being on the track throughout your travel from "bottom" to top!

This race was as many other this season, first class. I spend countless of my laps in close racing with the likes of Vincenzo, Nicolas, Julius and more. I went through the whole race with fraps, planning to make a movie, but it might take som time due to a lot of clips :)

Anyways, I qualified 9th and went for a symetric 2 stop. Everything in the race went well, only few minor mistakes here and there. Thanks for a great season, thanks to Daniel, RD and all participants. Hope to see you all next season!

(ps: results are posted)
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