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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 268 19.4%
  • Boots

    Votes: 60 4.3%
  • Gloves + Boots

    Votes: 137 9.9%
  • None

    Votes: 917 66.4%


David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
qualifying - 3rd

happy with my first lap to put me 2nd to sean, then i was put back to 4th by reik and dino, my next attempt was slightly better by .1 not great but enough to move me up into the top 3.

race - 1st

got a great start and was challenging sean into t1, no chance to get roudn so settled in behind him and hoped for mistakes, not much to say about this first stint apart from the highest the gap between us got to was 1.4 seconds, the mistake id been waiting for happened at the pit stops on lap 19, i managed to get a really good stop, sean had some problems, i got out in front by around 3 secs so mustve been a good 5 seconds time loss for him, anyhoo the last stint was all about keeping it on the track and out of the walls while trying to negotiate traffic in the later stages, managed this fairly well although at one point sean really closed up to me after getting past reik (id hoped he wouldnt be able to as it wouldve helped me big time in the championship battle :) ) at the end there was a 4 second gap between me and sean and reik who was obviously pressuring sean right to the end.

great race, a bit processional like dino mentioned, not the best for head to head racing, but it wasnt bad :)

cya all at hungary :)

p.s cuts and wides, i had a quite a few in the first stint following sean within 1 second, made it hard to judge speeds on entry, in the second stint i had considerably less, i lifted or broke early for any that made me time thats reflected in the lap times.
Yeah that was not a good event for me.
By far the least amount of fun I had driving on any track this season so far and that also showed in the race itself.

Q: Only key-thing i got right today was the timing of my 2 laps. Had 2 free laps with the second one beeing the faster one. Sorry for going wide here if that happened, not really motivated to look at any replays this time.

R: Bad start, allthough I did expect that as I had very long 1st and 2nd gear. Sometimes I got a bit of wheelspin out of the start in practice which actually would have been better, but most times it would simply bog down, as it was here too.
Race was pretty much done here, allthough i did try to atleast drive as clean as possible and maybe stay somewhat close to the guy in front.
This didn't really work out very well as I somehow had no rhythm whatsoever today here. Had some practice stints which were almost 1 second per lap quicker here. Funyn enough I think I even had more white-line incidents trying to be more cautious, braking earlier ect. by sometimes cutting to much too the inside because I braked too early (lol).

Huge problem on this track for me was that I had no real indicators for the braking points here. I oftentimes just tried to remember it from memory as a lot of the boards were not very helpful beeing very far away from the track and the skidmarks were completely useless on this track too, which are usually my main indicator :( This mostly screwed up everything else too.

Pitstop was botched too by slightly overshooting the box ;(

In the later stages of the race i tried to pressure Reik a bit, but with my brakingpoints beeing all over the place driving close behind someone was not going to work today. Overtaking wasn't going to happen in a normal way anyway.

-> q: 2nd / r: 4th

Next one should be better, Hungaroring is atleast fun to drive for me even though it is also a non-overtaking zone mostly.

see you guys next time

Valerio Vinassa

PrestoGP Veteran
Q back
R 13th

first part of race was really fun, nice fight with April with overtakes pressure but after last overtake on me I miss him but recover on xd at seconds back now back me Kurt again great amusement until contactlap 23,when i saw Kurt stopped on grass all my enthusiasm is gone away 2 or 3 laps for recover the energy and managed the car for finish the race with dignity. I dont remember any running wide ( I drive so slow :roflmao: ) but many border line:D.

Congratulations All :thumbsup:

Merry Christmas! fellas;)

Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
Q: 1st
R: 2nd 89 89

Race was great fun and and very close with some costly mistakes :thumbsup:. 1st stint was perfect managed to control lead but unfortunately overshot pits by quite a bit had to reverse and cost me two places very close with Reik just passing mid pit exit which was nice:thumbsup:.
I knew it was going to be extremely hard to pass Reik but i think i could have pulled it off after being able to put under pressure for alot of the 2nd stint, i seemed to have more wing and in practise with David I had made quite a few passes stick unfortunately Reik made a slight mistake and I got by so I guess we will never know if i could have pulled a move:(, to be honest my favorite and greatest enjoyment racing is being the unstoppable force chasing the immovable object :).

After that i was able to get small gap to Reik and started to chase down David and look like could have possibly atleast reached the back of his car with pulling it down to just over a 1.5 secs but i made a slight error exit of chicane getting power down to early with all the excitement and nearly spun had to recover from the grass. After that with 2/3 laps to go i just brought car home happy to finish 2nd.

Cuts wides i think i had quite a few even 1 moment i remember missing last chicane entirely when someone spun in last chicane when i was close to lapping, a slight crap your pants moment :roflmao:

Sos took so long for report been busy working night shift mixed with dayshifts lol

Grats David, Reik and finishers :thumbsup:

Thanks Nico ! and Rd everyone for making it happen
Cyas all at Hungary ! And happy holidays :cool:
Dino, do you use clutch pedal or button? Dialing the release time on button launch slower will help bogging down on long 1st at the start. I tune it according to gears, it'll make the beginning phase a bit slower but gives you that nice top end just at the time when others need to change to second gear. Other option is to decrease clutch release time and rely on spinning the rear.

Us on the P14 and back down need to think about the first part so much, getting the thing moving as fast as possible usually ends up with me rear ending someone (then panic, brake and loose a lot...), it's been better to wait for the 1st -> 2nd gear change before making any moves. It's a bit different on the first two rows but maybe worth to check if clutch could help you. Wouldn't tell what to do but i'm pretty darn good at starts, judging from the times i've had to take P1 in practice starts.. A lot of it is tuning the clutch timing.