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  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    ;) full throttle guys
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  2. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    Had a great stat from P12 and got up to P6 then lap 2 had an incident and had to wait for the pack to go past so rejoined last place. my pace was still good but lap 10 i thinks i caught a kurb wrong on T13 on to the long straight and it speared me into the midfield and took wheel off and rear wing great race tho.
    Congrates to the winners and see you in Bahrain :)
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  3. Steeve Fournier

    Steeve Fournier

    Gratz David, Dino, Marko and all finishers

    Q: DNF, i had a pee after last practice start, when i came back only 4:10 minutes left at Q so i quickly put wets tire and got out with 100L of fuel. But could'nt finish the lap, i ran out of time. Simbin put me 15th.

    R: DNF, lost FFB right in T1 so i was pissed off. Was weird riding the car as i felt only FFB when touching the curbs. SO i fought with myself. I was 11th folowwing Anthony, Nicolas, Jim and Vincenzo. After about 25 minutes Reik join us after his 1st pit. We had a fight, i overtake him in last hairpin and got my crash just a moment after, on last turn. Then i followed David and Dino for most of the race, was about the closest fight on track :thumbsup:

    Thanks Nico, Daniel, racedepartment and every prestogp members :thumbsup: Always a pleasure to ride with you!!

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  4. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Interesting and intense race

    Was between Vinny and Nicolas R early on, we got close on occasions, rubbed wheels a bit I think? all good fun

    I started with 128ltrs of fuel which meant I could relax and wait for the rain:) pitted once on lap 23 for wets and fuel, all worked out beautifully

    I couldn't hold off Reik or hang on to him so towards the end I was watching the gap to Nico R and staying on the road:)

    Happy with P5:D

    Grats to David and all

    I'm off on holiday on Sunday, back Monday 29th so I'll be short on practice for the next race but I'll be there as always

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  5. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    qualifying - pole :)

    very happy with the lap, made some last minute setup adjustments, went with higher wing, softer rear end and less diff lock, seemed to work nicely :)

    race - 1st :)

    started very well and pulled a small gap on the first part of the opening lap but reik was miles faster at this point so he managed to pull a nice overtake on me into the hairpin at the end of the back straight, i started lap 2 from second place and tried hard to keep ahead of the group behind, it didnt last too long, i had a good fight with marko for a couple of laps and then made a small mistake loosing the rear a bit on the fast left hander in the middle section, marko managed to get away and when i recovered the car sean was gaining on me into the slow left so i stayed off line so as to avoid any coming together, this put me in 4th and just in front of dino, who id spend the rest of the race just in front of.

    when the rain came i stayed out initially on slicks and tried to get to my stop on the lap id planned (21) but at 12% wet i made the call to pit a lap earlier and go with wets, i had a decent pit stop and joined back in 5th, looked like some folk had problems with their pits or choosing tyres so me and dino managed to get a clear gap of around 30 seconds to the rest, we fought for the rest of the race, never more than 2.5 seconds of a gap between us, sometimes as little as 0.4 seconds, although we never actually got side by side and dino didnt manage to attack much it was all about holding the nerves to take the win, dino pushing me every bit of the way made sure it was a sweaty affair.

    grats all finishers, was a very good race, thanks to everyone.

    cya at bahrain :)
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  6. Anthony Ishak

    Anthony Ishak

    1. Q 6TH
    2. R DNF
    started with 98 l fuel , 22/25 wings on sean setup, i wnet back to P11 after that contact with Nicola right beind Kurt and infront of Nicolai, we had a trio fight the long strait and Nico passed both of us and took of, clearly running no wings at all :) , after that i had very close battle with Nicolas who was figthing Jim that lasted for many laps, Nicolas was running relativley lower wings than me and made it really hard to pass on the strait. Steve was behind us watching the fight and waitng the opportiunity to come..never came ;)

    lap 14 Reik joined the battle and now we were 5 cars fighting on track, i tried my best to Race Reik but could not defend my position more than 4 laps , lots of fun :thumbsup:

    i forgot to pit at end of of lap 18 so i had to do another lap with not much fuel left , so i had to cruise back to pit and the car stopped completely 1 meter from my pit spot ..grrr , i missed all the fun on wet track..:mad:

    i was watching from pit how Sean and Nicolai were struggling with grip , the wetness on track was as high as 67% , i wonder if Nico was on slicks as his car seemed to be absolutely un-drivable.

    Grats David , Dino & Marko and all . thanks Nico and racedepartment .

    cu at Bahrain .
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  7. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I noticed that too, he came passed me like I was standing still, maybe he's found the DRS crack:rolleyes:
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  8. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulation David Dino Marko:thumbsup:
    and big compliments all finishers

    Q lost car in last hairpin grrrrr
    Race :) I think that not seems F3000 better choice is the better choice :D I dont know what can I say mmmmm again fantastic beauty nice etc. The first laps all in column was exciting, i met Richard, Valter, Bob Laube,Vincenzo and some other sure at middle race I met Kurt and after a long battle I managed to pass than I met Sean, or better Sean met me:D we did 2 laps in battle and nice fight at hairpin and in last lap lost a bit the car Vincenzo was behind me he pass me and race is over :)

    Thanks to: Daniel fantastic weatherman, Nicolai & PrestoGp and Rd and at all us:thumbsup:

    CU at Bahrain
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  9. Marko Vuori

    Marko Vuori

    Congratulations to David for his 2nd victory this season, Dino for his 2nd place finish, and to all who were able to finish :thumbsup: .

    Qualifying: 1:58.588 (4th)
    I did not make any changes to my normal qualifying setup (Sean's modified to suit me) and did an ok lap with no risks and no mistakes in the heavy rain. I had trouble keeping my wet tyres in temperature and on my hotlap in s1 they had already sunken to 65 degrees Celsius :confused: .

    Race: 3rd
    I chose one stop strategy for the race, but I knew that rain might make it complicated. In the start Dino managed to overtake me, dropping me to P5. I managed to overtake Dino in the first lap in first hairpin and Sean in the 2nd hairpin after long straight, which meant that I was in P3 at the end of the first lap. After some laps I catched David and managed to overtake him after some battling. By this stage Reik had managed to build up a considerable gap, and I was not able to catch him at all. I was relieved when he pitted early, revealing that he was on two stops. Just before my scheduled pit stop it started to rain lightly, but it was still relatively easy to drive with slicks. For some reason I also thought the rain will not last long (opposite to Daniel's forecast) and chose to go with slicks. I had a comfortable ~ 5 seconds lead at P1 before pit stop, and after the pit stop I was at P3 right behind Reik, who was also driving with slicks. After a lap or so, the rain started to get heavier and it became clear that slicks was the wrong choice. David quickly ate up the 9 seconds gap that we had and overtook me, after which I headed to pits to get wet tyres. During the pit stop I was able to overtake Reik, and got back to track at P3 some 30 seconds behind David and Dino. At this stage Reik was some 8 seconds behind me. I then pushed to see, if I could still catch David and Dino, but it was just too big a gap to be eaten up. I finished 3rd (believe it or not, but it's my worst result this season) some 24 seconds behind David, and some 6 seconds ahead of Reik.

    Conclusion: My pace in Shanghai was very good, but messing up with tyre choices dropped me from winning battle. I had all the relevant information to make the right tyre choice before the stop, but I still managed to make the wrong choice, which pisses me off :mad:. In the championship table things got tighter as my two closest rivals David and Dino finished 1st and 2nd here. Four races left, which of Monaco seems the most interesting.

    Thanks to Nicolai, Daniel, RaceDepartment and all PrestoGP members for this event! :thumbsup:

    See you all at Bahrain!
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  10. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    Congrats to David, Dino, Marko and all finishers :thumbsup:

    This was the race where I was going to lift my game. The last 3 days I did 7X22 min stints with the same setup and logged my lap times in an excel spread sheet (each stint slightly stronger than the previous). I was very well prepared and had an exciting strategy that I hoped would serve me well.

    I had planned to get a beer from the fridge at the start of the qualify, but when I saw how wet it was I was afraid I would be short on time, so I ran and got the beer, changed to wet tyres and got out on track... with 65 liters of fuel :) I ended 12th

    Race: (fuel: 65-53-53, wings 19/20)
    I needed to be 1 second quicker than the 1 stoppers to finish ahead. Starting 12th was not part of the plan, but luckily with my low down force and light car it was relatively easy to make my way up the field. My pass on Anthony didn't feel 100% though, as I didn't manage a tight enough apex, there was some contact, but this time I decided not to wait :)

    After a few laps (4 or 5) I passed Jim and was now in front of the mid-pack(6th or 7th place), with 8,5 sec up to Dino representing the front-pack. Having a clear track ahead I started to pull away quickly, and at lap 10 I noticed the gap to Jim was 11,5 seconds (the gap ahead was 7 sec). Looking at the map I could see that Reik was on the same strategy as me, and I was very excited on his behalf.

    I pitted at the end of lap 13, changed tyres and filled 53 liters of fuel, left the pits and could continue with my hotlapping. I lost some time behind Kurt I remember, taking 2 laps or so before I managed to get past, but otherwise I was still flying. All the time I was hoping that the rain would not come before the 1 stoppers had to pit. However, the rain appeared "just in time" for many I expect, so I knew my battle with Jim & Co was far from over.

    I stayed out until the wetness passed 25% and decided it was time to pit, probably for the last time. Eliezer, who was a bit ahead of me was thinking the same. He made several mistakes which allowed me to get close, but unexpectedly Eliezer started braking too early before the pit entry and I rear ended him, sending my car into a spin. When it stopped I was facing the wrong way and started to reverse into the pits and work my way to my bay. I had lost many crucial seconds and was quite unhappy. I quickly chose my setup which I immediatly realised was the wrong one (slicks).

    At this point I had 2 choices, pit the next lap for wets and lose 35 seconds or stay out and pray the rain will quickly end. I chose option 2 as I thought option 1 sucked. The rain never stopped and my race was over.

    PS: I messed up the results, so it will take me a little time to fix it. Right now race 5 and 6 are merged :)

    The strategy:
    From practicing I had learned that I could keep up with Sean and Marko when they had 100 liters and I 65. I timed a 53 liters and tyre change pit stop to a total time loss of 37 seconds. Considering that the 1 stop the others had to make likely was slightly longer, I needed to gain around 35 seconds on the track, or about 1 second a lap.

    It seems to me that the strategy that gives you the least traffic often will be the favourable one.

    See you all at... the next race :)
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  11. Bob Miley

    Bob Miley

    That's a very detailed post Nico, you go into things in tiny details. Myself, I did 50 laps per night since the last race, some online some offline and still didn't feel comfortable (good job I have no life). I could not get the tyres to last half distance so it was always going to be a 2 stopper. Felt I didn't have the pace and in some places was even a danger to others so didn't bother in quali and started 19th and last. Had a smooth run in the dry and spun out twice in the wet, but finished 9th so happy days (would have been 8th without the spins, but what the hell).

    Very tricky in the dry, so imagine the trouble I had in the wet, so much fun!!!

    Congratulation to the podium and everyone who finished and thanks to Nico and presto for organising. See you all at the next race, which luckily is on a track I have never finished a race on except in a mini.
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  12. Bob Laube

    Bob Laube

    Q- I have loaded in my rain setup and have no idea why it had slicks on ?:confused: DNF

    R- I've become really tenth :)
    I hope so, it was all gone with right things:cool:

    Congrates to the winners and see you in Bahrain
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  13. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations David, Dino and Marko! And thanks everyone for an exciting race!

    Setup for one stop. W 22/24 Fuel 95/90 L. Medium stiff suspension and a lot of rake.

    Q: 14 on slicks.

    R: 11

    It was fun with really heavy rain. The start on the dry surface made ​​it hard to come into rain mode once it started to pour down. It took me some laps to stabilise the driving.

    I made ​​the mistake of underestimating the rain's intensity and took slicks in my scheduled pitstop on L19. I had to go back in on L 22 and switch to wets.

    Race was very entertaining, both in the dry and wet. I got to race all these great gentleman drivers: Bob Laube, Bob Miley, Valerio, Kurt, Eliezer, Nicolai and Sean who passed fairly quickly.

    Thanks Nicolai, Daniel, Steeve, Race Department and SimBin

    See you in the desert :) I guess the weather there will lean slightly more to the dry side. But you'll never know for sure.
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  14. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    Thank god that this event was very exciting, as I was so tired on race day :sleep:

    Q: I did the mistake to not make a proper q-setup for rain, so I just took my usual q-setup with rain-tyres. It felt fine and the lap was a clean one in my opinion, but the gap to the front was huge again :O_o:

    R: A good go from the line, but I had to start from the outside, so there wasn't really much to gain.
    I drove along on p4/p5 for the first stint in the dry, slightly dissappointed with laptimes as I was loosing too much to Marko again per lap.
    Since again noone was doing any mistakes, I just prayed for rain,preferably as much as possible, as the car was handling well under wet and aquaplaning conditions.

    Just in time for the pitstop it started to rain.
    It started out slow, but I remembered the forecast from Daniel which said something like medium-heavy intensity, so I decided to take the rain-tyres on the last possible second. Still lost some time trying to think about the options on the last 2 laps.+ having a slow pit-entry still deciding on strategy.

    But it was a good decision :D Finally some heavy rain as I hoped for :)
    (first time ever the weather goes my way on a 50/50 situation, was about time that would happen once^^)

    Car went well as the rain increased and I could close up to David for the last couple of laps, but there wasn't a way to try an attack without mistakes from David and also the rain started to lessen towards the end, which made the balance of the car worse and I coudn't go quicker then David anymore.

    -> q: 5th / r: 2nd

    A bit disappointed again since this kind of race is maybe my only chance to win one with these starting positions, but It was a good exciting race and also there weren't any incidents around me.
    Also this for me new track is already one of my favourites ;)

    Well done all and see you guys next time :)
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  15. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Ok start and first stint I went heavier to wait for rain possibility and staying out little bit longer. I knew for sure id pit for wets and fuel at around lap 22 but during pits I selected slicks preset by mistake and came out slow behind David and had to pit again for wets with a few spins on the way.
    Not long after out lap I make mistake and hit barriers lost fwing and susp damage :mad: so had to pit again lol to fix not, a great time with the pits.
    Came out behind and managed to make up few places with some good racing with Vale,Valter Vincenzo, Bob and Bob :thumbsup:.

    Grats David ,Dino and Marko wd to finishers!
    Thanks Nico RD n prestogp!!

    Cyas at Bahrain
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