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Searching for stream moderator for some very small events

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sirnoname, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. sirnoname


    Hello together,

    I do not know if I get an answer here to my question.
    I am planing some nice little race event with rfactor and some other games.
    This event is a little bit other to the normal simracing events because we all will use expensive motion simulators combined with live cams.
    The drivers will be motion simulators owner all over the world.
    So we are searching for a english moderator/caster which knows a little bit about what to do and who knows the do and dont's in a race.
    I know many in starcraft2 but fail with simracing :(
    We are a 10 year old private community which will have done a rework and some special community work for a relaunch.
    The old fanpage is located her: www.x-simulator.de which has get instable and is now rewritten.
    So there is always no money behind it but in this case we try to find a small sponsor for the prices.
    It is planed to do such a event every month one day with one special game (which games will be voted) and up to the end of this year where the finals are called in rfactor. Length of the tournament is always a hour. Date of first event may be the 1.5.2012 .
    The event is not closed to the usage of our software ;) We are a racing/flying community and not a company which sells such devices.

    So if you con give me some advice which caster will like /could to help us with such a event please feel free to name them ;)
    I think about some private simracing caster because again: there is no money behind it.