Searching for a seat !


I'm Jeffrey Rietveld 14 years old and I come from the netherlands.
I've been simracing for a couple of years now and I like it so far.
Anyways, I'm searching for a seat if that's still possible. I dont really care which team though, I just want to drive some good races. Also, I'm active at iRacing. I'm currently in the 3rd spot at the Pro Series. I've driven in the past for Roaldo ( I believe it was last year ) I didn't like the mod so I left. Now I'm here to race again :)

Send me a pm if your intrested or post it in this tread.

Cheers !


By the way more info about me here : and here
Hey again,

Just joined a team. If you didn't recieve a pm from me then I didn't choose that team. Thanks everyone for asking me for their team.

Cya on track !

Kind Regards,

Jeffrey Rietveld
Hi Jeffrey,

all the best, wish you good luck!
Going to be interesting to see how you do. If I saw correctly you came 2nd in the iRacing Mazda event recently.
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