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Searching a WS seat for 2011.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Santiago Niza, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Santiago Niza

    Santiago Niza

    S.Niza searching a WS seat for 2011.

    Here I am!!

    I am Santiago Niza, 30 years old spanish simracer.
    I've been part of Twister Racing last 3 years, I meet in Twister great guys that teached me tons of things, I enjoied driving together my mates (some of they become my friends). I wish use this post to say thanks to all people who drove with me in the blue cars, in special to Phill.

    Now arrived the moment to split ways, I need other motivations to stay in simracing, on last 2010 races I feel a lack of motivation, and a change of team must boost my motivation.
    I need meet new people with a fresh air, people to stay learning, and people to teach all learned last 3 years.

    I am a loyal driver, with 30 years, next team is going to be the team where I'll finish my simracing career. Then I hope to find a serious team, with a good ambient.

    About my skills, what to say?... I've been 3rd in ADV 2009 season, and I think this 2010 I could finish easily in top10 in WS, 3 connection lost and some other bad luck problems relegated me out of top15. Target for 2011 is be a top10 finisher in WS.

    Serious managers interested in me, please feel free to contact me via msn: nizamorella @ hotmail (dot) com

    PS: One more time, say thanks to Twister Racing, a pleasure be part of this team, and special thanks to Phillip Estrada.
  2. Santiago Niza

    Santiago Niza

    After 3 years arround I've decided move out of FSR tracks, at least for 2011.

    Very thanks to all teams that showed interest for me, but at this moment I dont feel enough motivation to do one more year at 100%. Maybe rFactor2 will bring new motivations...
    Of course I am going to stay on tracks, driving in some other part, taking it easy driving for fun without results pressure.

    For sure I'll follow all your broadcast. Here I left a lot of good friends and a lot of good moments.

    Thanks for all FSR, thanks for all Twister Racing.
  3. Jan-Moritz Kammann

    Jan-Moritz Kammann

    Adios Santiago, hope to see you again soon :D
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