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Search inside threads


Sometimes I found a good thread with the search option, but then, inside the thread, I want to find a specific word or phrase.
As an example, the most recent use of the forums was to find some dashboards for ACC, and they are superb. But after 1-2 hours I wanted to find a specific function about rev lights and there were 31 pages. I've had to use CTRL+F for every single page going one by one, when a small search inside the thread would have been even better and a lot quicker.

Also, maybe you can count the searches and put out key words for the most common searches, or let the original poster or the developer (available only for developers and RD staff) to see the searches and out keywords that you could press and jump you directly to a response that the developer thought worthy of that search.

This could make the website much easier to navigate.

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13

You can search in a specific thread already :)