Scripted Grid

Sep 23, 2014
Hey Guys,

Is there a way to script a grid order in GSC? I am awaiting the scoring fix in this sim. In the meantime, instead of running a season, I am sort of creating my own by running each race (F1 2008 atm) individually and scoring them myself. I am running 100% race distances.

What I am compelled to do now is run the qualifying session, and then the full race. But what I would like to be able to do is run the qualifying session, note the grid order then be able to do something else for a break, and then run the actual race later in the day with the same grid order.

If there is a way I can script in a grid order that would be great. Any ideas?


Jan 31, 2010
Back in GTR2, you had the 'ComparativeTime=xxx' line (under classes in the car file). Generally speaking, the lower the number, the more likely that car would be near the front of the grid. It may not be a feature that works in GSC, but you could try going into each VEH file and adding this line to each of the cars on your grid (under the classes line).

IIRC, if it works at all, you just need to experiment a bit with the gaps between numbers, so:
Pole car = ComparativeTime=50
2nd = ComparativeTime=70
3rd = ComparativeTime=90
...should be enough of a gap I think, but:
Pole car = ComparativeTime=50
2nd = ComparativeTime=52
3rd = ComparativeTime=54
...won't be, all it does is make the car with '50' as its CT slightly more likely to be ahead of the other two.

You could always try:
Pole car = ComparativeTime=100
2nd = ComparativeTime=200
3rd = ComparativeTime=300
...except I'm not sure how high the CT can go before it stops being read (I don't think GTR2 cars ever went much about 150).

It's a bit labour intensive of course, and as I say, may not work at all...good luck though