Screenshots Thread

As the old thread seems to be vanished in the merged thread, I thought it would be good to have a new one :)

My latest V8 shots:

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Jack B

Sander, these are some great shots! The Mazda looks great with that paint job. And the V8's look hot too! Cool looking Vette shot too from above. Nice road surface in that shot.
help with screenshots

Ok, here's my question. When in replay mode on iracing, how do i get all the overlay boxes out of the way so that i can just take a picture of the the on track stuff with fraps?? Thanks for your help :D

Jack B

CNTL and F12 at the same time brings up all the camera options. You can move the camera anywhere you want. You can also use a joystick somehow, but I'm not sure how. I just use the 6 movement controls to fly around.

There is a camera forum on iRacing. Look in there for tons of tips.
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