Screen tearing, even with vsync on

Intel Core i5-3570K (3.4 GHz) @ 4.2 GHz
8 GB DDR3-1600
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 OC x2 (SLI)
Microsoft Windows 10 (x64)

I use maximum settings @ 2560x1440.

FRAPS tells me the in-game benchmark never drops below 90 FPS.

The benchmark results show my average framerate is around 55 FPS.

I get screen tearing, whether I enable vsync in-game or via. the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Any ideas?
This happens a great deal. Try replacing the replay.pbf, replay30.pbf, and replay60.pbf files with blank text files and setting them to read-only so the game can't overwrite them. It seems to have no ill effect and greatly improves performance on... well, most Codemasters titles.
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