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Samsung 49” 32:9 vs triple 40” or 50”

Jul 22, 2019
I was wondering what other people’s opinion is on the immersion factor. I already own the Samsung 49” on 1 rig and triple 32” on another but I wanted to know about how it compares with larger 40” 50” screens. I will say on open wheels I love the 32:9 and even in-cockpit view feels natural I just miss a little larger screen and if racing against others miss the right side window. On the 32” triples however I feel a bit less natural with the bezels but enjoy the bigger view and side window I was thinking maybe a larger 40 or 50” triple with correct fov would help since bezels are out of view? . I was even thinking about building a shroud for the 32:9 to maybe block out the peripheral. Thanks for your feedback.


Jun 6, 2009
I agree the bezels are annoying with triples, but I really like being able to look right & left. That first experience of running a banked oval and having the crowd looming over my peripheral vision is burned into my brain. I've still not tried a big screen TV, but I think I'd miss the side views too much.