Saleen Mustang SE @Road ONe International Sunday July 11th, 2010

Eric Nelson


Weather: Dry

Start Time: 21:00 EDST / 18:00 WDST / 01:00GMT (Monday)

Practice: open server
Qualification: 15mins (9:00 PM EST)
Warmup: 10mins
Race: 15 laps

Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!

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Eric Nelson

Fast and thrilling! Road ONe is one of the great 'Scratch" creation tracks! Add in the really powerful Saleen Mustangs and you have one awesome event to flex your muscle!

Eric Nelson

Entry List:

  1. Eric estes
  2. driver
  3. driver
  4. driver
  5. driver
  6. driver
  7. driver
  8. driver
  9. driver
  10. driver
  11. driver
  12. driver
  13. driver
  14. Ondrej Kapal (maybe)
  15. Mike Bell (maybe)

Eric Estes

Eric - any chance of dropping this to 10 laps or so? I'm running 2:40's - much slower than GT cars - I figure the fast guys may be around 2:30-2:35 depending on just how much off-pace I am. 15 laps would make for 35-40 minute races.

Eric Nelson

10 laps is perfect! you should be a staff member!

I'd sign up but I am in Rhode Island on a beach weekend trip with friends so no show for me.............killing me too since I KNOW this will be a great ride

Mike Bell

One-time RDTCC Race Winner
never driven mustangs but here goes nothin
inset day in school
no reason why i cant
sign me up plz as a maybe

p.s i hate the thing where u have 2 wait 3 mins between dls cuz my mustangs are v1 and i need the track 2 but i cant dl em simultaniously

Ondrej Kapal

Eric I don't promise anything though 1:00 gmt is better then 1:45, add me as maybe and if I wont fall asleep I will be there :D

Warren Dawes

I thought these cars were good fun to drive, certainly different to what I expected. I thought they might be similar to the US Muscle Cars, but they seemed to handle quite differently. I never really found an ideal set up, and there seemed to be only a few things to adjust anyway. Finding a balance between understeer into the turns and snap oversteer out of the turns was tricky.
Road One was a good track choice for these cars.
I had some good racing for a while in Race 1, holding up Yves progress for a few laps, but I couldn't hold him up long enough for Glenn to keep the lead, sorry Glenn.
Very good racing with Philip in Race 2, you were proving very difficult to pass, and when I first managed to get through you sneaked a late brake on me in the final chicane, to zip back again, well done. Pity you hit the wall in the tricky chicane, you were running very well.

Thanks to those who raced, it was a small grid but still fun. Thanks for setting it up Eric, these cars should be used more often I think. :cool:
I was not planning to race tonight as I was up early for the F1 race at silverstone and had not done any practice, but knew the track and had run the Dayton race last week with the Saleen Stang, so just loaded my Daytona set up with some more wing, then I tried Eric E's setup which seemed better..

.Race 1, forgot to configure the box for racing, so had to leave and missed qualifying, started last and had some good racing, got spun, but it did not matter as I had not loaded enough fuel and had to short shift to make the finish.

Race 2... the up side of last was pole for race 2, got a good start and Warren must have also as he slotted in behind, half way through lap 1 Yves( where did he come from ) slide through on the inside of the tight left hander before the run down to the stadium area. I kept my momentum and was able to hold on to 2nd through lap2, despite running wide at the end of the lap with Warren pulling ahead as we entered the last sweeping chicane on to the pit straight. I had been taking tight lines all night so was able to re-pass Warren as he left me some room to come up the inside. :good:

I knew it was only a matter of time now till he would get by as he had out qualified me by several seconds, however I did not plan to make it quite that easy as I ran wide at the walled chicane and crunched my left front. After that I fell of the road letting Glenn by on lap 5 I think and then raced to the finish with Eric E, which made for an unexpectedly good night of fun, fair racing. Congratulations to Yves and Warren, (good day for the Aussies), and thanks to everyone who came out to make it an event!
Definately didn't plan on running in these, but when I saw the "One more and we'll have a race" post, I thought I may as well have a go.

Downloaded the cars and jumped in..

Found the cars actually quite easy to drive. Much like Warren, I was expecting something like the Race On Muscle cars, but I was suprised to find something that kinda was like GT sport/club car.

Anyway. Ran the default setup for my first lap of quali, then pitted and made a few changes - namely gear ratios, reducing the rear wing and dialling out some front camber...

2nd lap yeilded 2nd fastest, and that was that.

Race 1 start, was side by side with myself and Warren to the first turn. I think he missed a gear or something(?) cos I got a bit more of a run on him. Wasn't expecting you to give me the corner though Warren! :-D

After that I tried to gap the field as much as possible before Yves and Warren came back through. They did though, and combined with a mistake on my part, Yves got past (easily) and drove away. Wow, can that boy drive! lol.

Race 2, alongside Warren again. We both got a fairly good start and went for the same gap in between the 2 cars ahead of us.... Warren got to it first and I followed him down behind Philip. Had a good run with Philip, Warren and Yves (in the order), before Yves got through... Then I outbraked myself and had to swerve fairly hard to avoid KO'ing Warren. Ah well. Chased down Eric and Philip and got past them both before the finish, but Warren and Yves were too fast for me.

Warren, it was good to not have some idiot yabbering away in the passenger seat, telling me there was a medium left coming up too! :D

Good fun. I'll have to come back I reckon!

Ondrej Kapal

sorry I wasnt there... just 3 AM is still enough to sleep :) (but yes it is easier to don't sleep then 4 AM, but if you have nothing to do between midnight when I am going to sleep and those 3 or 4 AM its hard to don't sleep)
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