Sainz to Red Bull Veto "Bullsh!t" - Marko

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Helmut Marko, never a man backwards in coming forward, has branded the rumoured veto from Max Verstappen for Carlos Sainz joining Red Bull as "bullshit".

Verstappen and Sainz have something of a fractured relationship following an often turbulent partnership at Red Bull junior outfit Toro Rosso, often butting heads as the two young chargers looked to make a name for themselves in the early stages of their careers in Formula One.

With Red Bull eventually overlooking the Spanish star in favour of Verstappen as replacement for the mid season sacking of Daniil Kvyatt in 2016, Sainz would grow tired of life in the junior outfit and branch out to Renault for 2018, racing under loan conditions from the Austrian squad as the Spaniard pushed on with reenergising a career seemingly in freefall despite such a promising start to life in Grand Prix racing.

Now that Ricciardo has confirmed a move away from Red Bull for next season, ironically replacing Sainz at the French team, his former team find themselves looking around for a suitable replacement for the outgoing Australian.. giving Sainz another opportunity at the big time with Red Bull, but again placing him alongside rival Verstappen in the same team.

With many in Formula One suspecting that Verstappen would be less than pleased at reuniting with his former team mate, the rumour in recent days has been that the 20-year-old Dutchman has a veto against Red Bull taking on Sainz for next season, something that Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko spoke out in his usual brusque style to play down ahead of a decision by the Austrian team:

Marko told El Confidencial, “Daniel called me on Thursday to inform me about the decision to leave the team at the end of the season. He spent most of his career at Red Bull and told me he wanted a change.”

“Now we will have to think about who will be Max’s teammate. The rumours that point to the veto of Verstappen of Sainz, are bullshit. Red Bull is the only one that decides on its driver pairing,”
Either Sainz or current Toro Rosso junior Pierre Gasly remain the most realistic options for Red Bull in 2019, with no current junior driver on the Red Bull books either experienced or qualified enough to make the step up Formula One as early as next season. Sainz is by far the more experienced of the two drivers, something that could be a benefit for the team as they take on Honda power for the first time in the new season, although potential candidates from outside of the Red Bull driver pool still remain under consideration prior to the expected decision in the coming weeks.

The question is, who do you think is more suited to the second Red Bull drive next year?

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Feb 24, 2016
I listened to F1's official podcast "beyond the grid" (get it in your iOS podcast app for example, it's just interviews, but interesting ones, listen to it, while doing some sim-racing, good stuff!) with and about Ocon a few weeks ago and he was super mega talented and his parents bet their house on him (lived in a trailer to let him fully develop his talent and get him into F1. He raced against Verstappen and their dads clashed in the junior leagues more than once.

If Stroll now owns Force India, his father wouldn't allow another driver to outperform his son constantly. So either Ocon would get some crap engineers there or he will have to go completely.

If he could race at Red Bull with and against Verstappen again, that could be amazing.


May 4, 2017
Sainz Jr. has more overall experience in F1, but Gasly knows the Honda engines better, and Red Bull also valuates youth over anything else, which in my opinion isn't necessarily a good thing. And then there's Ocon, who said not too long ago that he was confident of his future despite the troubled situation of his team. All of them are young and have talent, and IMO they all deserve to stay, certainly more than some people on the grid, but sadly that won't be the case. I sense that at least one of them will be out of F1 next year. With the Strolls taking charge of Force India, one of the seats will remain forever occupied and the remaining one surely won't be for someone willing to crush daddy's boy.


Mar 30, 2009
I don't see there being any insider information about a driver having expeirnece about the honda engines. I think drivers coming from non-honda engines are more valuable to red bull and toro rosso than drivers with previous honda experience simply from engine perspective. Any previous honda driver can only tell things to honda they already know. But drivers coming from renault or especially ferrari and mercedes engined teams would surely know a thing or two that could help honda. Those juicy details about the party modes, oil burning secrets and other electronics tricks. Only thing honda driver can tell is that the engine is still slow and fragile.

As for sainz sadly I his results this year have not been that great. He was taken a solid beating from hulkenberg and while I can't say if there have been more mechanical issue for sainz I just feel like the driver who goes to red bull needed to at least beat his team mate. If it came to choosing one of the three: sainz, ocon, perez I'd probably go with ocon first, sainz last. Both sainz and perez have been in the same team with hulkenberg and hulkenberg beat sainz but lost to perez. And ocon is now at the same level as perez this year.

What makes the silly season even more interesting is that grosjean is probably driving his last season in f1. The haas seat is a good one and the car is a lot quicker than point show. The team is just making big errors. If they get their stuff together they can be just as fast as the factory renault team.


Jan 12, 2018
Would love to see Vettel back in Redbull side by side with Max torpedo. This way only one team would be ruined next season...its time for Redbull to go down.
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Non Dangerous Guy
Aug 29, 2017
-RedBull always backing up "youth" could easily mean Gasly.
-Helmuth downplaying the so-called "veto" also means Sainz is not out of the equation.
-Hearing Horner's beyond the grid killed Alonso rumors as they think Fernando is a psychopath.

If RedBull decides to pull off a "DannyRic" (Surprise everyone) they will get Lando Norris from a Mclaren-ToroRosso trade.

Easiest choice would be Sainz or Gasly.


Jun 26, 2011
Would love to see Vettel back in Redbull side by side with Max torpedo. This way only one team would be ruined next season...its time for Redbull to go down.
And there he is again... you find every opportunity here to bash on Max. Getting tired of reading your posts here all the time, so you will become the first person I will put on my ignore list here.

I think Sainz will go to McLaren besides Alonso en Gasly will be driving for RB next year.


Jan 5, 2016
Once again the logic or lack of it here is staggering. Lawrence Stroll would rather have his son beat his teammate but to hire someone that will not push Lance and the team forward is absurd!! First, there are roughly 8 people/businesses in this consortium and they'll disappear if the Strolls want the team to hire substandard drivers. There's also the fact that Williams, McLaren and Renault did not want this deal to happen as they fear Force???? will become Mercedes Jr or their B team like the other manufacturers. Given that their fear may indeed have some merit they are going to be under obligation to Mercedes to run a Mercedes driver. For that I see Ocon. Gasly will go to RB and Sainz to McLaren with Perez taking his money to Williams. My only question is Haas and Grosjean. If he is let go then Perez would be a great fit there.


Jul 7, 2010
I think Alonso will go to Red Bull, just because he had such a great experience with Honda 2015-17.

He'll be eager to rekindle the magic fire of that Honda motor.



Mar 4, 2015
MV is inconsistent so I'm guessing Red Bulll will be looking for someone to bring home some points.


Oct 11, 2015
Sainz obviously.
Gasly is quick but inexperienced and Sainz is similar to Ricciardo in temperament.
RBR would benefit greatly by the departure of the obnoxious Marko.


Non Dangerous Guy
Aug 29, 2017
Wow, Spaniards passing the torch.. Well McLaren... More like passing gas :cry: