F1 2019 Safety car never go out

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Hi guys, i have a problem with my game, when i'm racing sometimes, somes drivers crashed into walls and go back in the middle of the track, but safety car never go out, the car just unpop after all drivers has been passed.

Does anyone get a solution ? I'm playing with damage mod on realistic.

Sorry for my english i'm from France.
Well, that's a very normal sight in F1 2019 and it's even a cliche right now, SC is so hard to bring out, i get them always in championship/grandprix mode but in career i have it only once and it was because of heavy rain at Canadian GP...
The SC normally triggered by the number of cars stopped on track/off track and the amount of time that they have stopped, but the game keep ghosting the stopped/crashed cars too fast and the SC won't be triggered.
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Alright, ty so i'm not the only one :cautious:
Yeah, that's a shame, for me it's a 100% immersion killer.
For example this is a topic in Codemasters forums and it's one of the most active one and the devs knew it since the release... there were hundreds of topic made by people about this issue, lots of them deleted and some of them merged to that particular topic.