S397 Oreca 07 BAR1 Motorsports

Skins S397 Oreca 07 BAR1 Motorsports 1.0

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Jun 25, 2017
Brototype submitted a new resource:

S397 Oreca 07 BAR1 Motorsports - IMSA 2018 Oreca 07 BAR1 Motorsports #20

I've tried painting the livery BAR1 Motorsports used at the Rolex 24 in the IMSA season 2018 on the Oreca, due to the fact the Orecas chassis isn't matching the Riley Mk.30 it isn't 100% accurate.
Also the awkward sheen that still applies to the Oreca might influence the look in a bad way so let's see how it looks once S397 fixed that.

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