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EU S397 GT3 @ Suzuka - Friday 19 April 2019

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Craig Dunkley, Apr 12, 2019.

Added to Calendar: 19-04-19
  1. Balazs Floszmann

    Balazs Floszmann

    Vette is specially "enginebrake" senvsitive!
    Thats the reason why I left the Vette, last year 2 races wasted beacuse of engine failure.
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  2. Trebormoore84


    Really enjoyed last night, know i'm fairly mediocre around Suzuka though getting better after this race, so to get 9th was really satisfying especially only qualifying 18th.
    Just tried to stay out of trouble and avoid battling on those corners, was bottling T1 in the closing stages and losing time. Fair play @Roy Magnes that's some drive.

    Love how @PresidentSmug went with the Bentley and bossed it, makes me think many of the other cars people don't use should be to liven the field up, gets kinda boring when its all Mclarens, Porsches, and Corvettes (yes I drove the Mclaren), but some of the other cars are so badly setup with the S397 baseline. All with terrible camber angles and damper settings sliding around everywhere. Ride heights are all generic also, some cars completely transform when you drop or raise the rear ride height for example.

    There is a setup video on YT of Michi Hoyer doing a 1:57.9 in the AMG round here, though it was a heavily rubbered track. I really love that car but could not do better than a 2:01 in it in practice, and love the Bentley as well as they both rotate so well, should have tried that, but always seem to get crushed on the tracks with longer straights. The Radical would probably do well here as well, though you need to drive that in a completely different way not like a GT car. Will maybe start trying the 'leftfield' cars next race just to prove a point. I do like the Mclaren but find it kinda boring.
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  3. R.Pike

    RedShift Racing Team

    Completely agree Rob, I was suprised and little sad to see only 1 other Aston on the grid other than my own #TeamThiim ;)
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