EU S397 GT3 @ Silverstone - Fri 22 May 2020

Simon Kingsbury

Sep 26, 2018
Gutted, bad down change engine let go, brilliant couple of close racing laps with the 720s’, well done guys on to next week.


Jul 3, 2009
Honestly, that was a weird one. Don't want to write too much atm, emotions still running strong and who know how i'll feel tomorrow.

Qualy was decent, I'll never get near the aliens infront, 1 second off my pm, slap bang in the middle of the grid. Start was meh, I might have played my part in the T1 carnage when I tried to avoid a car that spun infront and crashed into that Malboro Bentley. Sry about that. I enjoyed spinning that much that I repeated it 30 seconds later on my own :p
What followed for the next 50 mins could be divided in 3 categories:
1: Battle for positions. Lots of them, quite enjoyed those.
2: Being frustrated about myself. Quite a lot of unforced errors, some love taps into other cars, thankfully without consequences. Losing 5 or so positions while being lapped because I was confused who to let by for a moment.
3: Getting spun around. A lot. And whatever happened to the Golden Rule? IIRC not once did the other guy wait. Hell, at the end of the race I even waited after yet another crash even if in hindsight I'd say it wasn't exactly my fault.

As I said, don't want to write too much atm, still frustrated. Was a scrappy race with some positive highlights.

Rogue Racing

May 5, 2020
I would like to apologies to anybody I compromised in the Luffield corner. I was enjoying my comeback through the field after being taken out in T1 and on lap 5 or 6 my son walked in a accidentally turned off my screens leaving me aimlessly drifting across the track. Incredibly I didn't hit anybody but the replay looks like I got in a few peoples way so sorry about that. I spent hours this week practicing (I'm gutted).


Zlatko Bralic

Jul 11, 2012

I apologize for not showing up yesterday evening. I working in the garage and totally lost track of the time. :cry:


Jan 19, 2019
Not a great race for me. I decided to stay on qualy setup (I didn't have a race one created) and my tires were shot after 5-6 laps. From then on it was just a struggle with oversteer and decided there was no need to finish a race with 3-4 spins (at least). I compared the tire wear with a normal setup and there was indeed excessive wear on rear left. Lesson learned.

Edit: It was still good fun. Thanks for organizing Daiman!
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Colin Peach

Feb 4, 2020
My race was just as frustrating, qualifying went ok, with 5th, had a decent start, 2 cars in front had an accident was running 2nd but diddnt have the pace to hang on, then i got tons of penalties for track limits, which was crazy ive watched back the race on twitch and it still makes my blood boil lol ended up having 3 drive throughs and 2 stop and go penalties, damaged my car out of frustration and came home pretty much last.. Check out this video "VR-Rfactor2, Chat live : Race Event starts Friday 8pm"
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Ross Hawkey

Apr 10, 2009
Bentley Silverstone.png
Well, that race was an adventure! :)

Qualified in the top 10, could have maybe been a couple of places higher, but the times were so close in the midfield. I could also have been a bit lower.

Unfortunately, the start of the race didn't go to plan. Into T1, the 3 cars ahead of me all got into a tangle. In lifting slightly to try to avoid, I ended up getting contact from behind.
...I tried to avoid a car that spun in front and crashed into that Malboro Bentley. Sry about that.
Thank you Christian for the acknowledgement, but there wasn't much you could have done I don't think.

Luckily, I ended up on the outside of T1 on the tarmac, with no other contact....the bad news was that from P9, I was now P29! :O_o:.

In coming through the field, I did have a couple of very light contacts with other cars, but none which I believe cost anyone any time. Thanks to those competitors who gave racing room on track when dicing. Sorry to Luis Bernedo. I can understand why you would have turned in when you did. My pass into village was a bit of a late move, but we both got through without losing any great time.

At the flag, I was back into P8, but looking at the final result, I see that a car ahead of me had a time penalty for not taking a stop/go for track cutting, so that saw me in P7.

At best, without the spin at the start, I might have expected a P5 finish. so at the end of the day, the T1 incident made for a much more exciting race!
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