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EU S397 Endurance Series @ Le Mans - Fri 18 Sep 2020

The GT Formula

Aug 25, 2009
I'll put you on the list with an asterix. If we suddenly get the grid filled up, and you haven't figured out if you are able to race or not, you'll be put on a reserve-list at that point :) But for now, I see no reason to make a separate reserve list :)
Hey, I tried, and failed... for now.
CSW powers on but spins left, right then hard left again and fails to complete POST meaning it doesnt get recognized by the PC.
Unfortunately I believe the above issue means the position sensor has finally given up so I'll need to solder in a new one.
I have spares but its midnight here and I got stuff on with the wife and kids first thing in the morning. I'm gutted as thought I'd got it working earlier but alas it just wasn't to be.
Will be joining the stream for Le Mans tomorrow night for sure though.
Hope you all have a great race.
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Jul 7, 2017
Uhm, usually that happens if you don't own all the items needed (cars and track).
Thanks, that would make sence, though a better error would be nice, but I own the DLC.

Edit: Just realised I dont have the Ferrari, so have to assume thats the problem. Sorry I was looking forward all week.
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Dean Maković

Nov 8, 2015
Sorry i had to DNF at the start because of my freaking internet ( lost internet connection) i couldnt start properly. It was so laggy .I was sooo mad.
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Dec 15, 2011
Had myself a really good cingulate consistent race until about 20 min to go when the battery in my trackir dead. Some people think racing with trackir is distracting... Well try being so used to racing with it, 70 min into the race it stops working! Lol

So had to lead a usb cable to my headset while trying to handle the lmp2 oreca. Lost a total of about 12 seconds of the gap I had between myself in p4 to p5. But the cable I used wasn't the charging cable that came with the trackir wireless pro clip that fits snug like a bug... Instead it was a trash cable that kept falling out a few times and I struggled to drive trying to plug it back in. During one of those times, I lost control and cut the track for the last time and got hit with a drive thru less than 9 min to go... Oh well, P5 it is lol

Thanks for the racing guys and congrats to the class winners and podiums! Cant wait for the real thing! Hope to see more multiclass racing events here!
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Colin Peach

Feb 4, 2020
Arggh what a disaster, never got to the bottom of the weird braking issue, every lap gave me a totally different result, in turn made it impossible to learn the track and in the end retired so i didnt end up taking people out when being lapped :(
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Pauli Ahonen

Volante Racing
Nov 11, 2017
Oreca 07 definitely used to drive like a dream before the patch, now its very tricky.
I had no idea on the setup so i just maxed the top speed with everything that affects it and cranked up the FFB to get some feel for the rear.
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