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S397 2019 Team WRT Audi R8LMS #2 & #10

Skins S397 2019 Team WRT Audi R8LMS #2 & #10 2019-05-26

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Your skins show in the showroom but AI do not use the skins. The reason is because the new paint system cannot use the single mas file system any more. You need to extract the files and place them in the skin folder as well as the mas file. Hope this is of help for the future. Your Aston Martin skins need to be altered as well. I have done the alteration on my system and they work fine.
I have tried all the skins with them inside MAS files and they worked ok here, all of them :(
They all worked in the showroom perfectly but the AI cars are white, the skin is not used by the AI, check that the AI are using them. I think other people have had this problem with other peoples skins as well.