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David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
Qualifying - 5th?

PB in qualifying for me, felt terrible after my first run, thought I was going to have to run to the toilet to barf, think I started a second run right at the end and fluffed it but was happy with the PB

Race 1 - 2nd :)

Started very well and before long was into the lead by around 3-4 seconds, I went low DF for the first race as I thought it may help on the straights and it did to an extent but the first and middle sector I lost so much time (around 1.5 seconds) that I had no hope to hold anyone behind for long. Around half way it turned into a 3 way fight for the lead between me, Artyom and Raymond with Raymond eventually winning the battle and driving off into the distance, then I lost a place to Artyom who unfortunatly made a mistake near the end and I got back through into 2nd place, great race this one, happy with 2nd :)

Race 2 - 3rd :)

Started very well which may have been because Lorenzo didnt start very well but I ran in second for a couple of laps and then was passed by Lorenzo and Andrew, I had started with full fuel and knew I'd struggle in the first stint. Lap 10 or so I pitted for new tyres and set about making the time back up which I managed quite well, pitted again on lap 19 and then it was a qualifying pace run to the end, managed to catch Andrew and pass him with a lap to spare.

good races all and grats to the winners :)
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