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Rui F. Martins

Feb 12, 2011
Had a great time today, on the first race i messed up and lost my wing around half distance.
In the second race started on the hard tires and was going to change them around lap 22. During the first stint i was able to keep up and pass two cars, had a great battle with Valerio and eventually was able to pass him. After pitting my game minimized two times, fortunately no harm was done besides the time lost. After Valerio pitted i was able to stay right behind during some laps and we had another great battle, when i was closing in my rear left brake failed, around lap 28. I had to slow down and i just wanted to finish, lost a position due to the brakes, after 1 or 2 more laps the remaining rear brake failed, leaving me only with the fronts, which was doable, but very hard and slow.fortunately i was able to bring it home in one piece.
Thank you for the races :thumbsup:

Valerio Vinassa

PrestoGP Veteran
Dec 24, 2009
far from mine pb in Q and for R1 I started and trying to avoid some hard collision , I was there too inside 3 practice start :D , after some contact and lost some place i have had some good battles here and there but managed the car for finish the race not my preferred track maybe too many sand ?:D
R2 some interesting thing along the race one thing was the pursuit on Rui yes is been very nice and when i see you fault the brake point i understand that you have failure on disk brake a bit dissapoint because the pursuit was gone anyhow was fun Rui :thumbsup: .
I almost forgot race 2 around middle race I see David front me and the strange thing was .... i can close the gap with him !?:geek: David with problem on tyres or something like this so i push for the capture, i was close him but i could overtake him only when go in pit no more tyres David ?:roflmao:

Congratulations Raymond, Lorenzo and all us see you all at next
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Sep 9, 2012
Q: Heavy traffic, so not much hotlap tries, but Lorenzo was out of reach anyway :thumbsup:
R1: Had no good top speed. After the race I noticed my front ride height was too low, so I was grinding the track. Thought I checked it out.
R2: Hard start, but sometime I was solid on P3, but always had an eye on Raymond behind me, shortly before the end brake fail (with max disc size and max cooling).
Grats Podiums :thumbsup:
Sep 5, 2018
Qualifying: Okay.
Race 1: Great start, no pinballing and into second and half a lap later the lead. Slowly worked my way back to wherever it was I finished.
Race 2: Good start again and nicked a place off Martin at turn 3. Slowly worked my way back again, but since I didn't stop and looked after my brakes finished third (I think - I'm getting old!).


Krzysztof Maj
Nov 5, 2011
For me it was also fun had some fights although mostly at the back of the grid. But in second race I put too much fuel and when my tires were worn I was messing with how much litters to add in pits and went wide off track at one corner and lost 2 positions. Then I somehow managed to hit speed limiter with too high speed and blew my engine:). Congrats to the podiums, the cars have tendency to slide, especially when tires are worn so there's little mistake margin.