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S2000 @ AMS Renault Test Track - Sat December 5th 2009 (US Friday 4th)

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Yves Larose, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. William Yunck

    William Yunck

    Not too good a race, but it had some fun moments.

    Race 2 however provided a huge lag in lap one. I counted at least 7 cars in front of me come to a complete stop, disappear, reappear and then some crashing happened resulting in a puncture for me. Had some fun racing with John Sydenstricker after the pit till I totally blew T1 and spun into the wall. Funny how stuff that never happens in practice kind of DOES happen in a race. Weird.

    See you all next week and grats to the podiums.
  2. Gary Lennon

    Gary Lennon

    Race one a bit of a bogged start but bearable,i found i could quite easily hang on to the guys ahead and got a nice early move on Marty then latched on to the pair of squabbling Volvo's,i was happy following and watching,but Marty put a move back on me,then lost it a bit shortly after,so i started reeling in the Volvos again and was dragging Marty along with me,i dont actually know what happened,but suddenly things ahead started going sideways...i picked a path,and made it through safe and clear to the lead,pitted then ran it down the 3 laps to the finish with some comfort gap :).

    Much better launch from the line for race two and leapfrog a yellow Alfa then fall in line ready to follow the gang around T2,suddenly a STCC bimmer seems to try and drive through me?,tbh i dont even know what happened first,just some knocks and bumps,so effectively out of the running early in race two :) :good:......
    Late on good fun with Raf and Emil :good:.

    Thank You Yves & RD
  3. Will Marquez

    Will Marquez

    First off want to say sorry to anyone that I bumped in race 1. It's been awhile since I've driven these cars but still sorry to those I hit.

    Thanks to Yves and RD for organizing the race.
  4. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson

    Woof it was the highs and lows for me tonight.

    Q'd right on my posit in the practice time sheets which is typical for me. I don't really run a hotlap setup specifically for Q. I run a race set right from lap 1 to get a good raceable car that works well RACING. I am P9

    R 1 I get a good start and manage a high of P3 when Keith, brandon and Gregory all touch. I race on hard and maintain a gap. Get together w/ my ol buddy GRegory and we have abit of contact then BIG contact that slows us both and we resume in 5th/6th. I hold 5th and am satisfied with the result. PItstop went well and I head to the garage for a minor chassis change before R2.

    R2 start in 4th. Get a decent start and fall to 6th. at the righthander I am outside on line entering to go up the hill and get punted pretty severely. Won't mention names but disappointed that nobody is waiting up ahead. I soldier on in 15th and get up to Rhys and we have a good battle. HE gains then I gain and so on. Lap 5 BRandon comes out of the pits while Rhys and I continue to beat each other into submission. I have to let BRandon by at the super slow right left combo so I can comfortably pit with out us getting all tangled up. I enter the pit beautifully and nail the pit stall. BUt FORGET to CONFIRM MY STOP! I sit thaere revving and wondering WTF, why won't the car do anything.

    17.7 seconds! well done butt steak!!!!

    I resume and Rhys and I are not far apart. He musta had a bad stop or mishap on track. GEt by a Volvo ( you'll remain nameless too ) and then get totally punted by him and no waiting. hhhmmmmm wonder why I came up on you so fast? PRobably cuz I am lapping 3 seconds quicker than you.

    Rhys and I continue to battle and come across Willie who has gone a drift. We 3 resume and Rhys manages a pass on Willie entering the Right/left slow com,plex. I tap willie coming out of this but he is no worse for wear or position. We go screaming into the fast left off the front straight and he loses it and runs across the track and bumps me. No sweat its a racing thing Willie! BUt I run a bit wide and get a cutting STOP N GO? GReat that just ices a forgetable R2 for me.

    Finished P7 overall which given the events of the day, was OK.

    Rumor has it that the FOrmat or Car selection will be changing next FRIDAY.


    This is a massively successful ongoing format that isn't drawing 25 drivers every single week because it's not fun...................

    Remember when Coca Cola decided that the TRIED AND TRUE coke needed to be changed? They created and marketed NEW COKE! for about 9 months. Then COKE CLASSIC was REBORN and some poor guy who made that decision was released from his duties............ CAn you even buy "NEW COKE" anymore?

    LIke granddad says, "if it ain't broken, don't FIX IT"

    Thanks to YVES, RD and ERIC for getting the ship off the ground this week and the server holding up to form. I love racing here at RD and hope it continues to be a satisfying community to spend time with.

    Hope to see you all next week in a TIN TOP TOURING WAGON.................
  5. Brandon Lawson

    Brandon Lawson

    Was a great track and made you stay on your toes.
    Qualy pole was able to run some fast laps tonight.
    Race 1 Had huge pressure from keith which was causing me to be a bit slower when i got some room i was able to catch Gregory I saw that t2 i was much faster so i took the jump and got inside him going into t3 we touched thought he may hold it but not quite keith then caught Gregory's bumper thus sending him into me and it was a little mess sorry about that guys. ended up finishing 4th

    Race 2 Saw me get a decent start jumping to 3rd from 5th going down the little stretch b4 the hair pin we seemed to get some lagg causing my car to go everywhere but managed to hold on to it to my surprise as at 1 point i was facing the wall in the opposite direction of the corner lol took me a few laps to regain myself thus allowing Keith to take advantage. I thought i would try to be smart and pit early but that it did not quite work for me as keith came out in front still but we were p1 and p2 going into the final laps i pushed hard and keith pushed just as hard dont think i could have got him seeing as by the end of it my tires were near 115 inside front from trying to catch the bugger but made for an exciting finish.

    Thanks again for the behind the scenes work to make this happen and thanks to everyone for a great race I think we should do this track again!!??
  6. Marty Pierce

    Marty Pierce

    First race back with the Friday night gang in months and the field was stacked with talent. I miss the scene and the close racing with friends.

    Quali went pretty well good enough for P4. Thought Brandon was going to hit the 33's but just missed.

    Made a good start holding position as it lined up for the top 5 or 6. Gary got by me clean and we continued in a file on good pace. I felt just a little off the pace at the front but the top three battling in front of me and Gary kept me close. I managed to pass Gary back but went wide in the 1st turn almost spinning into the 2nd turn. Eric came up close as I regained control and almost passed me as well. Got back up to Gary when the top 3 had some contact letting Gary through in 1st and me 2nd. Gary pulled a small gap on me and held it for the win. Was happy to finish 2nd.

    Another good start stayed lined up in 3rd to 5th most of the race prior to the pit. After the pit I was in the top 3 behind Keith and Brandon. We had a nice gap to 4th. I was starting to loose contact toward the end as I was just a little off the pace of Keith and Brandon. Finished 3rd and 3rd overall. Fantastic racing very clean as I really needed it to be clean on my part all things considered.
    Grats to Keith on his win & overall and Gary for race-1 win. Good to be back on Friday.:victory:
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