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S2000 @ A1 Ring - Thursday April 2nd 2009

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Akos Veres

Feb 4, 2009
I was always kicked out because of a possible cheat when I joined the game. Unfortunately it was sux.
Nov 19, 2007
qualy 7th, with 1:39/8XX
i was happy

race 1: nice start, lost a lot of places because my sceens has log, have to look to my videocard
and i hit the wal in the last corner, end of race

race 2: started last won some places and then disconnection

Nigel Atkins

Jan 3, 2007
havent done a wtcc/s2000 race for ages and really enjoyed last night.

didnt join the server till half way through quali, so was ready to start at the back but managed to quali in the low teens.

Race 1. bogged down a bit of the start but still manged to nick a couple of places, by half disatance i was in 6th and closing on Neil but turned to tight into final turn and hit the tyres, loosing me 2 places and suspension damadge but car felt ok and with 2 laps to go i was closing on the 3 in front.
with Neil trying to reduce his carbon footprint and only putting in 25L of fuel i new he would be holding up Jamie and Robert. and starting the last lap i was right behind when Jamie and Robert ran wide at T1 i slipped through and easrly got Neil who was running on fumes. finished 5th and well happy.

Race 2. started 4th and avoided bogging down to nick 2nd into T1, i followed Neil for a few laps but a few mistakes under braking and i got the lead. still 1st at halfway point thoughts of winning were creaping in my mind, but then i noticed McGary climbing the leader board and with about 4 laps to go he was in 2nd and closing. trying to prevent the inevitable i covered the inside line into T2 but he sneaked around the outside, supprisingly i held on for 2 laps setting a new PB but couldn`t keep up that pace and with a gap to 3rd i settled for 2nd place :clap:
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