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S17 - Calendar and General Info

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League Website PrestoGP.com
League Admin David Turnbull, Peter Decker, April Dillon

League Server Manager Peter Decker
League Results Manageress April Dillon

Game required rFactor2
Car used ISI Formula Renault 3.5

Other downloads required
Season 17 Tracks (can be downloaded from the next post under)
Skins will download automatically from server.
Vmods will download automatically from server.

Game settings
Forced Cockpit View:
Driving aids: All off except Automatic Clutch
Weather: Variable
Start mode: Standing
Superpole: Off
Damage Sensitivity: 30%
Parc Ferme: Off
Mechanical Failure: On (Time Scaled)
Flag Rules: None (cutting is still prohibited)
Tyre Wear - x2
Fuel Cons: Normal

For further information see the official rules over here.

Welcome to Presto GP
The Presto GP Formula Racing Series prides itself in hosting high quality (thus safe) league races.
It was started in 2008 and is currently in the process of recruiting new members for season 17 which is due to start on 22nd Feb 2017.

Lap times from qualify and race sessions on our online servers are registered, and your personal best time on any track can can be found on the Presto GP website over here

17th Season Race Calendar
22nd Feb :Hungary
8th March : Magny-Cours
22nd March : Australia
5th April : China
19th April : Bahrain
3rd May : Sochi
17th May : Barcelona
31st May : Austria
14th June : Canada
28th June : Istanbul

Session Info

All times are in British Time.

Notice the Clock Change in Britain on March 30th, depending on where you live this may affect the start times for you. To be sure not to miss a race check the current British Time.
19:00pm Practise - 1hr
20:00pm Qualifying - 10 mins
20:10pm Warmup - 5 mins
20:15pm Practise start x1 - 3 mins
20:18pm Race1 - 20 mins, x2 Wear
20:38pm Warmup - 5 mins
20:42pm Race2 - 50 mins, x2 Wear, Reverse grid
21:32pm Post race discussion

Customized car skins are not mandatory but are always welcome :)

Standings and Points
The current standings of the Drivers' Championship can be found here.

Incident reports will be mandatory and analysed after the race and any penalties applied then, if someone causes or is involved in an incident and doesnt report it or reply to a report then a back of the grid penalty may be applied for the next race.

The race directors judgement is final

PrestoGP relies on and has always consisted of consistent drivers.
Before you sign up make sure that you are available for all the racing dates.
Should you be unable to make it for one of the races please give notice in the forum as soon as possible.

Introduce yourself in eg. the general discussion thread, show up on our servers and the rest will go by itself.
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