S15 - What mod do we use (VOTE)

What mod do we use for S15

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David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Hi guys,

Obviously all the talk since before s14 ended was about what mod we use going forward, now we've had a couple of test's and had time to make up our mind's we need to get on with the voting for s15.

We have 2 choice's going by the general comments that have been made by various people over the last few weeks, those choice's will be Renault 3.5 and ASR F1, whatever we choose need's to be the right choice for Presto with regard's numbers, safety and enjoyment level.

Everyone is free to vote in the time that the vote is open (10 days) but Presto members vote's will be the one's most sought after, if at the end the vote is tied or too close to call a decision will be made by the longest serving Presto member's.

The vote will be open so we can see who has voted and your welcome to give your reasoning behind your decision.

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Dino Paolini

I voted for ASR F1 simply for the reason of having something new, not because the car-mod is better in any way or form (the opposite is clearly the case imo).
I've done atleast 20 races or so already in the Renault, so count my vote in as a selfish vote :D

After maximum 2 seasons on a car-mod, you will always see me voting for something new, as 90% of the car-content in rf2 is chronically underused anyway :)
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