S15 Official Sign Up Thread

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran

Hello and Welcome to the Official PrestoGP Season 15 Sign up

PrestoGP has a long standing history of fun and fair racing, We are now moving into our 15th season, We will be using ASR F1 mod due to popular demand.

Firstly please read our guidelines/rule's to make sure we are the league for you.

If we sound like the league you'd be interested in participating in then please read our General Info and Calendar thread's to make sure you are available on the date and time's shown.

To sign upto the new season please leave your name in the thread confirming your participation and you'll be added to the main list in this post. Any questions please ask in the general discussion thread to keep this as clear as possible.

We thank you for taking interest in PrestoGP and we hope to see you all on track for our second season in Rfactor2.

1. David Turnbull - Confirmed
2. Sean Greenlaw - Confirmed
3. Dino Paolini - Confirmed
4. Jeff Lasecki - Confirmed
5. Christian Michel - Confirmed
6. April Dillon - Confirmed
7. Stuart Phillips - Confirmed
8. Martin Floeck - Confirmed
9. Valerio Vinassa - Confirmed
10. Alex Woitala - Confirmed
11. Steeve Fournier - Confirmed (some races)
12. Nicolas Rouge - Confirmed
13. Phil Shillitoe - Confirmed
14. Artyom Azlamazyan - Confirmed
15. Bob Miley - Confirmed (some races)
16. Simon Cristmann - Confirmed
17. Tim McIver - Confirmed
18. David O'Reilly - Confirmed
19. Martin Oconnor - Confirmed
20. Sharjeel Riaz - Confirmed
21. Kevin Goldmann - Confirmed
22. Heiko Kolvenbach - Confirmed
23. Peter Decker - Confirmed
24. Mark Breslin - Confirmed
25. Bob Laube - Confirmed (maybe)
26. Thomas Wiesel - Confirmed

27. David Cook - Confirmed
28. Rudolph Maré - Confirmed
29. Sten-Ake Svensoon - Confirmed
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Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
Ye Christian that's what I meant the 1 that comes with mod :thumbsup:

I can maybe offer help for custom skins, although no promises on when would be complete.
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Martin Floeck - I can confirm participation in all or most of the races at S15.

Wanted to use #2 G. Berger skin, but saw Christian had allready chossed this one,
so I take the 2nd guys that was allmost my neighbour #16 Karl Wendlinger :)
... i maybe was too overhasty to choose 16# Karl Wendlinger because the engine sound is horrible,
not sure if my ears last a hole season with this noise :D I trained till now allways with #2 ... used to it ... if i find time i try to do a custom one :)
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Sorry, count me out for the moment, I've spoken too fast ! I don't have the patience right now, I knew that, I'm going mad with that game...Count me out ! Sorry.
I will do my best to make all races... it's necessary for catching Dino ))
Ferrari #27 Jean Alesi
Excited about new season coming and want to say a couple of words that I didn't say after season 14.
This league is unique) Everything I need for good simracing is here, from friendly and gentle forum to... friendly and gentle fighting side by side on track) And very competitive, I always push 100%, every race is strong and interesting.
I'm so happy to get back here and drive with great guys! And great April ! )
Many thanks to David and everyone responsible for so much fun we have here))

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
no problems Bob, your added to the list, join whenever you can, but post in general thread and we'll help get these pc problems sorted so you dont have that annoying you :thumbsup:
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