Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo out in January 2016

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  1. Alex Franchini

    Alex Franchini

    Milestone has announced the new release date for their upcoming rally title.

    Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo will be out on the 29th of January and the developers have published a new trailer for the announcement.

    Click here to watch the release date trailer on our RaceTube!

    The trailer actually does a decent job of showing some elements of gameplay. You can spot some 90's rally cars like the Celica GT Four and Subaru Impreza, as well as older machinery like the Lancia Stratos and Delta. There is also what appears to be a Renault Alpine, but I might be wrong.

    Curiously enough there's no trace of the more modern WRC cars in this latest video, so I guess Milestone are going for the retro rally vibe here. The game had been delayed prior to this announcement, from the last months of 2015 to "early 2016".

    Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo will be available on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

    What do you think of the latest trailer? Do you think Milestone can compete with the other rally games? Sound off in the comments!
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  2. TzZyO


    "and WRC 5"? Well, it certainly can't compete with DR. At least, based on what can be observed in the trailer... On the other hand, it's really hard to see the point of comparing two titles with seemingly non-existent physics on this site (meaning WRC 5 and SLRE, of course).
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  3. thewarmer


    Dirt Rally threw all other current rallying games into a spin , when it came out of no were.
    The amounts of bad feedback on WRC 5 show that to be a none starter & I think they as a developer will be pushed to be making WRC 6 unless people see some major Patches taking place.

    If its was all down to selling a game via Name the Loeb rallying would properly sell very well , but add Milestone into that mix & its goes flying off the road at the first curve.

    Milestone had their chance to develop a new standard for the Rally games over 4 seasons.
    They may have improved over the first one but they never made one major step at any point.

    Unless Leob as had some major input into this game then its will be nothing more than what came before .

    I would be shocked if it turned out to be another Richard burns type game .
    Most drivers only really give there names to games as a means to make money , RBR was about the only racing game I can think of where the driver in name did make some input into the end product .

    DR as its flaws & its still a long way off been a proper simulation , but its is the best Rallying game in years so far.

    SLRE we await & I think most think it will be bad so no one as much hope for this game.
    So maybe we will have a shock.
  4. TzZyO


    The guy behind DR appears to be an amateur rallyist and a rally enthusiast in general. And it shows. Caught me off-guard, really. After all the previous "Dirt" stuff one would naturally start thinking they didn't call it that for nothing. With DR, however, the name is misleading. And that's a good thing :) Recently I started to notice that new updates to this title are much more anticipated by me than for any other sim.

    As for RBR, I'd say that physically it's a bit overrated. The latest developments of the Next Generation Physics plugin, however, brought it somewhere close to the top of the simulation genre. Maybe just on top of it, even. The graphics is simply timeless. Not sure how they pulled it off (and it's not even DX9, I think?), but it still looks neat after all these years. Heck, it even had exhaust gas rendering back then! Beats the ever-greenish DX11 pioneer AC for me hands down.
    If it wasn't for the horrendous files organisation, equally horrendous sounds and the third party FOV adjustment application (still, immeasurable appreciation to the person who wrote it), RBR combined with NGP would be The sim for me to turn to all the time. Dealing with the downsides can be really exhausting, though. It would be really great of DR to finally pick up the baton (and probably change the name while at it?)

    There's also that gRally currently in beta. If anybody has even a slightest bit of info on it, that'd be great to hear. I certainly hope it's something more than an rF1 Rally World standalone which it appears to be at least visually...
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