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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Tacoscent, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Tacoscent


    Hey guys. I just started a brand new career and I am going with Virgin who are the slowest. I recently read up on the ryder database editor and decided I would change some things in the game. I am going to change around the drivers eventually. But I thought I would dabble in something else first..

    Horsepower. I want to make some of the slower teams, namely HRT, Virgin, and Lotus, more competitive with the rest of the pack. So I thought I would even out the horsepower levels a bit. I raised all of them by 25 horsepower, since that would pretty much mean that no other cars would at least be pulling away from them on the straights. However I didn't notice a difference. I even made a drastic change, 800 hp. But there was no difference. It was still the same acceleration, it wasnt any faster at all.

    Also tried decreasing power. I put it down to 600hp, and still there was no difference.

    Is there something I am missing? I am saving the file properly, thats not an issue. Is there some other file or something that needs to be edited? When I open up the files it also says the changes are still there.

    If some of you knowledgable folk could please help me out, I would be very grateful indeed!
  2. Wojciech Grabowski

    Wojciech Grabowski

    I always thought that "power" in database for sure mean lifespan of engine, not horsepower. Well, I noticed it in my career - in McLaren I could drive full 3 races before getting "yellow engine", in Red Bull (Renault engines, power = 730) Im getting "yellow" on opening laps of 3rd race on same engine. I can notice that after practise sessions - McLaren got 99% left, Red Bull have 98.

    the best way to make your car faster is to edit "tier". If you want to win races, set tier to "1", if u want only to be more competetive, set "4" or "3".
  3. Tacoscent


    I'm starting to think that these variables mean nothing at all. In the editor, heres what is available horsepower wise.

    AI_Engine_Power_Modifier :

    Basically means that for each track, I can give a number and I think just the AI will function as if it had that much more or less horsepower, but what I tested wasn't conclusive. I put the number at 60hp, as if it developed 60hp more. That was on Catalunya, and I did notice that me and teammate did do better, however, it was a result of me just driving better, thats all. My car was no faster or slower than before.

    AI_Engine_Power_Per_Tier :

    It basically shows what each teams car is making in each tier, however changing these values apparently does nothing, since I can't disern any difference whether I make it ridiculous hp or very little hp.

    Engine_Manufacturer :

    Has a listing of general horsepower of each engine, for each manufacturer. Changing these values seems to amount to nothing.

    F1teams :

    A listing of each team, as well as general hp for each teams engines, among other things. Changing these values doesn't seem to do anything.

    I think maybe perhaps all the cars performance in a straight line is based on the track its on, since for example, a car at shanghai will accelerate faster than one at bahrain for example. I'm not sure why though....

    Or perhaps the straightline acceleration is based on a value and there are only slight differences between the cars, to simulate the hp difference.

    I know somebody here has the answer so if you guys could please help me out.
  4. Paul Lock

    Paul Lock

    You might get some better help from the right people if you post this in the correct section buddy.

    The thread related to the Ryder editor Mod.
  5. Lima8


    like to change my teammate by Database editor, but I can't change the f1drivers_f1teams
    has some way to change?

    is for F1 2011
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