RX and Hillclimb Championship...car cost?

Hal Burns

To enter the Hillclimb and RX Championships you need to have 175,000 to 350,000 credits....that's a lot of grinding in Rally Stages and online events, which I probably don't have time for.
How about an entry level or "clubman" class that you can get into, like the Mini, so at least I can grind in those classes too?
I hope that Codies is not looking at expensive DLC ala Grid 2...although if reasonably priced, I might buy my way into the championship cars.

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Sorry, you have to grind it :/ It's a pain when you don't have much time...
I tried to get savegames from a buddy with everything unlocked, it just ends up with a corrupt file.
ATM you gotta drive to drive what you want :/
same gripe here, with only a couple of minutes to spend each week it is well nigh impossible to get to the 500,000 plus required. wonder how this will be done in the finished game where people start at 0 in all three kinds of offroad racing.

Ryan Soucy

I thought payouts were pretty generous, but the 10 stage rallies definitely feel like grinding before you get any cash. I've bought a few cars I didn't need... :p

I just finished the Elite Championship and was looking at Hillclimb and RX as new venues but also was disappointed that you can't work your way up in those disciplines. Doesn't make sense since there are so many levels of stage rally.

Tips for earning money:
1) Never use the restart function, just Save & Quit, you'll only have to reload the stage from the main menu.
2) Review your difficulty settings, changing view only from the cockpit and disabling auto starts are easy ways to boost your payout.
3) Pick a car and stick with it. I personally like the Fiat 131 from the 70's. Easy to get in and drive hard, and in my opinion, the car I am having the funnest time with.
4) Do the dailies! Easy way to get cash while testing cars you may want later. That's how I found the Fiat.

Good luck and have fun.

Hal Burns

Very slow at gaining cash because I suck at rally driving! Ha Ha....working my way through Clubman now with the Mini....and I always go for a few dailies to get small handouts ( because I suck...)...thanks for the tip on restarts...I always lose those bonuses.....I am having fun anyway and you can drive anything in Custom, so that's a good thing..

Ryan Soucy

I hated that Mini!! So glad I could get in anything else. That car is fiendishly difficult. But I will reiterate how much I love the Fiat 131. I am totally immersed and squirming in my chair willing the car to make the turns when I'm "on it".

Play with the brake bias on the Mini, I think I had to crank it back to get the car to rotate. Feels like the handbrake was connected to the front wheels. As for driving tips, repetition will help. Once you know where the tricky sections are, you can attack them a little more the next time (unfortunately in career mode, you will repeat stages a lot!!).
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