RX 5700 Bad Performance in VR

Just installed the 5700 and i'm getting worst performance in AC and ACC (way more lags) than my older GTX 1060.
In Userbench it shows i have double the GPU performance, but when i load the games its just not showing that.
Any idea whats going on, just a AMD drive issue?
I guess its going back.
What was i even thinking going back to AMD...........
Can't be a bottleneck if i'm scoring better in other benchmarks than previous 1060. Then AC/C is lower with a 5700 than 1060.

In Heaven i'm getting double the fps with 5700, so its performing well there.
Installed display driver uninstaller, run the computer in safe mode, run that program and completely wipe all of your graphics card drivers. reboot and install the drivers in normal windows. Start with that.

You can also download MSI Afterburner, add in the overlays for GPU usage/temp/memory and CPU usage/temp and also system memory to see how everything is running when gaming.