Russian cars


Somebody have russian cars?
Lada Niva, Chevrolet Niva, Lada Priora, UAZ Patriot and other...
Maybe somebody can converted this cars?


I have a Lada. It's not the finest model in Racer, but it's enjoyable to drive because it feels realistic and has a really nice interior.

Why Yes it is dream factory hence your name you seem to produce the things people want like a factory of dreams comming true XD would you happen to have that car? iv ebeen hunting for absoulute ages


What an amusing car. Reminds me of the old villain cars.. so I went off to rob a bank in Mashup only to discover that there are no banks there.. so I went for some fine art instead but got busted because the car was making too much noise..heh. other than that, seems like the gears are a bit off.. seems jumpy.. I can adjust, but maybe not everyone can..


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