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Running triple screens with dissimilar monitors

A while back I tried to set up my sim rig with triple screens to see how it would go. At the time I borrowed a couple of Benq 24 inch 2560x1440 QHD resolution monitors to add to the one I used for my desktop, and used that to try, and it was OK , but a bit underwhelming for me. I had just bought an LG 32 inch superwide curved screen, which for flight sims was great, but I also tried using that as the central monitor, and the Benq ones for the sides. The super wide monitor resolution is 2560 x 1080.

As you probably know, dissimilar are not properly supported, at least by the Nvidia 1070 card I was (still am) using. Essentially, either you squeeze the view of the side monitors or you compress the central monitor, as it would not allow different resolutions, only 3 identical ones.

I gave up on it as it gave me no benefit, and left it at that.

However I would still like to be able to use the large central monitor with a couple of 1980 x 1080 23 in monitors at the sides, so would like to know if there is any way to make the system accommodate this so that I could have the screens running without distortion


Can this be done with Amd Radeon?

I'm in need of a new pc and if an amd card can do this, that might be a big factor in picking the gpu.
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I know I saw something like that done previously in PCars 2, which had possibly the most comprehensive multi monitor setup options, so perhaps it could be possible in AMS2 as well. But I have no details on that.
I see a flickering light at the end of the tunnel - just hope the tunnel isn't on fire.

So maybe AMS 2, which i will say i was looking at anyway, although i wasn't contemplating a GPU change. Not that i have anything against goint to the competition, i had a 4870 back in the day, and latterly a twin 7700 setup before going to a 1070 last upgrade.

If the AMD card supports it, I would happily trade the last bit of GPU power for it

Nvidia surround assume the same resolution for all monitors to work otherwise it distorts the image.
AMD Eyefinity I think can use different aspect ratios but they must have the same vertical resolution. So if you had a 1080p ultrawide and two 1080p 16:9 monitors I think it works. The current version is trickier to setup than Nvidia Surround however and seems overly simplistic / frustrating to use.

The only way I know of mixing completely different screens is to use open source software http://www.softth.net/, mileage may vary though. I've not used this myself, but might be worth a try.
Thanks for this link - the fact of the matter is that it appears to be a free solution, so on that basis I will give it a go, after all what can I lose?


I hear that Automobilista 2 has the ability in game to assign different resolutions to different monitors - is that true? If so, is it the only one, so maybe I'm missing a trick?

Maybe, I've never had more than 1 screen but I seen somthing about different resolutions on screens for project cars and as ams2 is also on madness then maybe it's the same?