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    The FSR Fantasy League is a web-based management game based on the results of the FSR World Championship races. Each manager competes with two teams (A and B) consisting of 2 FSR WC drivers plus a reserve (6 drivers in total). Teams A and B are like your works and sister teams, place the drivers you have more faith in on Team A!

    Each FSR WC driver has a cost, based on their results on the 2014 season, with former champions worth an extra hundreds. Unfortunately, you have a limited budget, so spend it wisely! Up to 4 of your drivers will score points on each FSR WC race. The manager who scores the most, wins the round, and after the season finale, whoever has more points will be crowned the FSR Fantasy League champion!

    If any of your Team A or B main drivers does not take part in the race, he will be automatically replaced by your corresponding reserve.


    The 2014 FSR Fantasy League champion will win a Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset.

    Among all 2014 FSR Fantasy League round winners, another Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset will be drawn. Every round you win will earn you a chance! The FSR Fantasy League champion will also be entitled to participate in the draw if he wins one or more rounds. Details on the draw will be announced after the championship is over.

    Prizes are provided by Thrustmaster. Prize winners must contact the International SimRacing Club Administration to arrange how to receive the prizes.

    Players may be requested a legal ID to claim prizes. The FSR Fantasy League organizer and the ISR Club Board's World Championship Race Director may compete but are not eligible for prizes.

    Driver Transfers & Swaps

    In between races, you may do up to 2 driver transfers. Driver transfers are performed to exchange your drivers for any other of the drivers in the FSR WC grid. Driver transfers are unlimited before the opening round. The driver transfers limit may be modified for specific rounds by the FSR Fantasy League organizer.

    Driver swaps are always unlimited. You will perform driver swaps when exchanging your current drivers from Team A to Team B or from main to reserve positions.

    You may perform driver transfers or swaps until 30 minutes before the start of the official Practice session of each GP. Teams will be locked from then on until the round results are announced.

    Drivers Market Cost

    After each round, driver costs will be updated based on their result in the last race. However, your drivers will continue to cost you what they did when you included them on your team. So have a go on quick new drivers while they are cheap, everyone else will have to pay them much more later!

    If you transfer one of your team's drivers and then want to bring him back, you will have to do so at market cost.

    The teams cost limit may be modified during the season by the FSR Fantasy League organizer.

    Scoring Points

    Drivers will score points based as follows:
    • Race position 1st-10th (25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 points)
      Drivers will score points for their race-finishing position as per the FSR World Championship's scoring-system. 90% rule applies.
    • Poleman (10 points)
      The driver who scores the Pole Position will be awarded these points.
    • Fastest Lap (3 points)
      These points will be awarded to the driver who sets the fastest lap of the race.
    • Checkered Flag (3 points)
      Every driver who completes the magic 90% race distance will be awarded these points.
    • Overtaker (1-10 points)
      Every top-ten finisher who moves up places from his race-starting position will be awarded these points. 1 point per position gained up to a maximum of 10 points.
    • Top Ten (2 points)
      These points will be awared to every driver who makes it into the Top-Ten Qualifying 2 session.
    • Team Leader (2 points)
      Every driver who drives a faster Qualifying lap than his team-mate will be awarded these points. Your team-mate is the first car you have to beat, right?
    • Hat-trick (5 points)
      If any driver snatches Pole Position, the Race Win plus the Fastest Lap, he will be awarded these points.
    • Grand Slam (10 points)
      These points will be awarded to any driver that clinches Pole Position, Fastest Lap and wins the race by leading every single lap. They will be well deserved, won't they?
    • Fair Play (2 points)
      These points will be awarded to every driver who delivers a clean event by not getting a single warning or penalty from the Race Director.
    • Minor penalty (-5 points)
      These points will be removed from every driver that receives a minor penalty from the Race Director. Minor penalties include grid penalties, race-time penalties and licence penalties smaller or equal to 1 point.
    • Major penalty (-10 points)
      These points will be removed from every driver that receives a major penalty from the Race Director. Major penalties include disqualifications, point deductions, race bans and licence penalties larger than 1 point.
    Points will be calculated and announced after the Race Director makes the results and post-race verification official. For the FSR Fantasy League, those results are final. Should results be altered as a consequence of appeals, the FSR Fantasy League results will not reflect those changes.

    In case the post-race verification is not made official by the Race Director 7 days after the race event, FSR Fantasy League results will be calculated using the race's provisional results. No points will be awarded for Fair Play, Minor Penalty or Major Penalty. This rule applies after 4 days when the following race is a back-to-back event (consecutive weekends).

    Tie-breaker Criteria

    If two or more teams score equal points, they will be placed as follows:
    • First tie-breaker: Team cost (cheapest team wins)
    • Second tie-breaker: Team A score (highest score wins)
    These rules are valid for both round and championship positions.

    In case these rules are not enough to determine a round winner, all tied players after applying the tie-breaker criteria will be considered round winners. In case the rules are not enough to determine the championship winner, the champion will be determined by the number of rounds won by each player. If tied players have the same number of rounds won, they will be measured by the number of 2nd places, 3rd places, and so on, until a winner is determined.

    Terms & Conditions

    Only one account / team per person allowed. Managers must sign-up with their real name. Anyone playing with multiple accounts, signed up with fake data or suspected to be attempting any kind of cheating, will have his account suspended without prior notice.

    In order to participate in the FSR Fantasy League, you must agree to these rules. Therefore, please read them prior to signing-up to ensure you understand and agree. The FSR Fantasy League organizer reserves the right to modify these rules at any time, and without prior notice.