Jan 12, 2015
Hi Guys, I'm trying to dial a good setup for Oschersleben GP for the RUF GT3 car. I'm lapping pretty consistently in the 1:28's. I'm sure I could get this better but after about 6-8 laps the rear tyres are getting too hot. The car feels like it has a little too much understeer once I start to apply power and at Oschersleben there are quite a few long corners where you build speed up from early in the corner to the exit. I think I'm then being too aggressive with the throttle to get the car out the corner quickly and that is heating the tyres up.

I've already lowered the spring rate of the front springs and can lower some more maybe, but was wondering if upping the sway bar at the rear could give a bit more front end grip, or maybe doing something with the caster or camber. I think it's a bit tricky in project cars to assess the tyre heat as you only get one heat value for each tyre.

Any help is much appreciated. Would be nice to work with someone in a lobby to work it out? I've got the game on PC and PS4.


Mar 2, 2011
Found out this is in the telemetry HUD! Yay!
There's the telemetry screen, but most of the cars (and all GT3s) have multiple dashboard screens that you can switch between. One of them shows the exact tire temperatures, others have oil temps, brake balance, revs and so on. You just need to bind a key to HUD switching and (obviously) drive using a cockpit cam.