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Rubens Barrichello


Wido Rossen

Rubens Barrichello will extend his record as the most experienced Formula One driver in history this year, auto sport.com has learned, after agreeing a deal to race for the soon-to-be-renamed Honda Racing outfit.

Although it is understood that a final contract has not yet been signed, high level sources close to the Brackley-based team have confirmed that the veteran Brazilian has been given the nod to line up alongside Jenson Button in 2009.

The team are awaiting the final green light from the Honda Motor Company for the imminent management buyout led by Ross Brawn and Nick Fry, and only when that happens will the 2009 deals be finalized.

It is suggested that the situation could be fully resolved by the end of this week, with the team expected to conduct a shakedown of their 2009 challenger in Britain on Friday before joining next week's final group test session at Barcelona in Spain.

"We expect to be able to make an announcement from the company and the team in the near future," the Yomiuri daily quoted a source at the company's Japan headquarters as saying.

"Honda has been making all possible efforts to avoid the worst option of having to disband the team."

Barrichello has started 267 Grands Prix in a career that stretches back to the start of the 1993 season.

Speaking to auto sport.com at the end of last year, Barrichello said he was fired up to remain at the Honda Racing despite the uncertainty that had surrounded the team since December.

"I have unfinished business in F1," he said during a visit to England before Christmas to let the team know how keen he was to remain with them. "I am sure I can finish higher up, if not winning the championship. I really believe that is what I deserve.

"It would be a shame not to use the services of someone so eager to do it, plus with all the experience and the speed. It is the right time - and it comes with the willingness to do well.

"If you sign someone with the speed but whose time is over, they will set up the car differently and badly. You are 80 percent of the time going through corners, and you set up the car different compared to someone who comes and wants to go flat out.

"For me, I am still taking it flat - and sometimes this year in qualifying you have that little pimple on your skin saying 'just remember you are not a boy any more' after the corner. So it is still there very much."

Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
Nice to hear, I like Rubens I think he is good in setup a car and helping a team.

But what about Senna?? Out of F1?


Richard Kay

Aug 14, 2008
Senna's management say they are still talking to the team formerly known as Honda, according to the BBC's website.

Daniel Pettit

Jan 23, 2007
IMHO its down to Petrobras... As soon as it looked like they wouldn't bankroll Senna its wrecked his chances of landing a seat.

... But F1 is a fickle business (as is business itself) and who knows maybe Petrobras have reversed their stance now it looks like like T.T.F.K.A.H. will be on the grid.

We've seen drivers with solid contracts dropped so a change even at this stage I see as perfectly possible.

Either way it looks like B.R.M (Brawn Racing - Mercedes) are back in f1 .. lol

Wido Rossen

Rubens Barrichello has confirmed that he will race for Williams in 2010.

The Brawn GP driver made this confirmation toward Luciano Burti who is working at this time for TV GLOBO in Brasil.
The news is yet to be confirmed by Williams but with the rumours that Nico Rosberg will do the same but then vice versa its a matter of day`s.

Scott Webber

Dec 28, 2010
Before you comment in this, please don't be lame and say he should go because of his age etc.

Rubens Barrichello, the most experienced driver in the history of the sport with 319 F1 races under his belt, looks likely to be pushed out at Williams F1 due to financial considerations.

The Brazilian driver has made it clear that he wishes to continue racing in Formula One next year, but at this late time in the season if Williams does not re-sign him there are few options left open for next year.

Williams F1 has been struggling in recent years to find sponsorship, and after losing RBS, Philips, Air Asia, Allianz and Accenture at the end of the 2010 season, the team took on Pastor Maldonado, who comes with considerable Venezuelan backing, which helped to fill the hole in the budget.

Williams has had lackluster results this season, and after finishing 6th in the championship last season currently lie ninth in the standings - another potential loss of around 5m Euros in prize money.

With other current sponsors rumored to be considering their future with Williams, team boss Adam Parr is said to be looking for a second pay driver to bring in to partner Maldonado with a supposed asking price of 5m Euros. There is no shortage of current GP2 drivers who are capable of raising this sort of sponsorship, and among the names mentioned are Giedo van der Garde, Jules Bianchi and Charles Pic.

It is thought that the team would prefer a driver with F1 experience to partner Maldonado, as the FW33 marks a different direction for the team with it's new technical leadership. The only driver that seems to fit the bill is Adrian Sutil - if Force India decides to drop him in favour of Nico Hulkenberg next season - as he comes with good backing from Medion, Capri-Sun, Enzo Hotels and Techart.

If this happens, it could mark the end to Barrichello's career in F1. The Brazilian driver is thought not to be interested in running ovals, so is not expected to look for opportunities in Indycar racing, but a move to Sportscars could be an option.

Diego Lopez

Jan 15, 2011
Unfortunately for Rubens he had his chances of becoming F1 WC back in his Ferrari days, but we all saw what was actually happening (not trying to stir up arguements that will date us back to 2004) anyways. He had his chances yet agani with BrawnGP but he was just filled with back luck at some of the key races or he just didnt have the same pace that JB had. Sadly enuff for me to say is that he wil always be remembered no matter what but its time for him to move on or retire. His performance is not that bad but Williams team itself is holding him back big time. Williams arent the same anymore since 2004. As much as I want JPM back @ Williams so he can push Vettel off the track i say its time to move on.

Danny Asbury

Mar 2, 2009
Sad day. I've always liked Rubens, and it makes it even worse because he still wants to stay in and drive. If it was by his choice to give it up, it would be so much better. A driver of his caliber deserves to choose when to walk away. But sadly money talks.

Kevin Watts

Jun 28, 2008
He's always been a runner up, never really a contender. He's struggled to match a few of his team mates. I don't want to see him go but I'm not really bothered if he does.

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Mar 15, 2011
Rubens seems a nice guy and honest with his emotions. He has done well in the sport and financially (private jet painted to match his helmet). He has many fans and will be remembered with fondness (if he goes).
It was potentially an amazing swansong when he was fighting for a WDC with Jenson in the Brawn

I find it very interesting to see something of an evolution of the team order.
It seems that there has (roughly speaking) been always a mix of three types of team.
Level 1, Buy in the best of everything: Designer, drivers, engine supplier.
Level 2, Pay one driver, the other guy is pay to play.
Level 3, Financial tightrope, Pay to play drivers contributing significantly to the teams budget.

It seeems to me that a Renault and Williams are devolving from level 1 to 2 with the changes that entails.
Anecdote; Niki Lauda bought his first drive in Monaco with BRM in 1973 with a bank loan. The bank rang his parents to ask if they were happy. They told the bank they wanted him to get the racing out of his system so they would ok the loan.

Chris Butcher

Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion
Jan 15, 2010
I'm sure somebody like Team Lotus would love to have Rubens on board. Think of the wealth of knowledge he would take with him.

It isn't as if they are strapped for cash, they just bought Caterham :)
Nov 10, 2010
Williams would be mad to get rid of him now, just as they are on the point of getting Renault engines again. Somebody with his wealth of experience would help them adjust much more easily to a new engine. It saddens me that the only reason they seem to be ditching him is just because they could get a pay driver in instead.

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