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rt_zolder New TV Cams

Misc rt_zolder New TV Cams 1.0

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FFF789 submitted a new resource:

rt_zolder New TV Cams - Additional four TV cam sets for rt_zolder

For RT's latest both single player and multiplayer (online) Zolder layouts. There's is some kind of issue with AI and/or pits, I don't know why, but these two layouts exist separately.

I've included here the first original TV cam from the track + added:
- TV1
- TV2
- TV Heli
- TV Static

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The single player has working fast lane and pit lane AI. The MP layout has a provisory fast lane AI only, because it's made for multiplayer (as the name suggests). This has to do with the nature of the track where the track is close to the pit lane and shows a wrong way sign which causes issues in online races.
There are some other tracks around that have the same issue (Goldenport comes to mind)...
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