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RSS Bayro 6 V8 is released as of 5th December 2019.
In an effort to bring modern GT racing to the simulators we love the most, we at Race Sim Studio will be working on our GT 2019 pack which will look to bring some of the best GT3 racing cars available for the 2019 season into Assetto Corsa.

It goes without saying that our trusted 3D modellers will be involved in overseeing the experienced 3D modelling team we have built over the Summer, including talent from the Codemasters and the Forza brands.

The physics and sounds will still be made by the core team that has produced just about every RSS car to date. So expect fireworks.

This will be a paid set of cars, and will be released individually, and not in a pack until completion. We plan for a handful of cars; the full car list and date of release for each is yet undetermined. However, we expect the first car to find its way to you in the coming months.


As always, please expect some intentional bodywork differences in the models we produce.
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Multiclass Racing lover
Wow, really nice to this coming up! Would love to see some modern LMP cars from you, but this is definetly very great news!
That sounds very good to me. I really like your mods a lot. But I would like to say, that it would be even greater, if you could put your effort in making some of iconic GT3 cars like the Toyota Prius GT300 or the complete Super GT Series. The Toyota Prius GT300 is somekind of special car to me, cause I'm driving a normal one by myself. Or those australian Marc GT3 like the Marc V2 Mustang GT3. Or special cars from 24h of Nordschleife like the "Turbinchen" . GT4 cars would also be glad to have. You know what I mean. :-D
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Really hoping for the 720s, still enjoy AC as you can do proper big grid events which GT3's are famous for vs 30 iirc max on ACC


I have usually thought that GT3 is the one class that modders should not be doing since it has by far the most official cars, and now there is ACC too. The thought of a bunch of RSS quality cars doesn't seem that bad though, so we'll see.

720S should be high priority imo, since it isn't going to be in ACC so RF2 is the only decent game to have it.


Probably the first RSS cars I'll pass since modern GT cars are bland and boring imo. Good luck though and happy driving for all those who like these kind of cars.
Interesting idea. Altho knowing that the potential is a bit wasted on a bland car pack is a bit of a shame. But as always it will be better than anything GT3 related that has been put out lol. Would have rather seen you guys try and build the Super GT series. More interesting imo
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