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RSS GTN - Ferrari 360 and the AI

Hi there :)

In the last few days, I've spent hours and hours racing the Ferrucio 36 against the AI. And they seem to absolutely love this car, to the point where I got absolutely no chance against them at max difficulty and max aggression. For example: Watkins Glen:

Even I perfectly nail T1, they're always 5 - 10 km/h faster than me right before the chicane. They can break extremely late and in general have a lot more pace on the straights. In the corners I can keep up quite well (slow in fast out). I usually put the break balance to 65 percent in order to be able to trailbrake at least a bit. Nevertheless, the AI get's in the low 1:47's while I barely manage mid 1:48's..

It almost seems if they're using a lot less downforce than default. But if I lower the angle of the front wing, the car constantly oversteers - in most cases unrecoverably with human reaction times, IMO.

Does anyone have similar impressions or tips? Or does anybody want to try to beat them at Watkins Glen? :)