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RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 @ Monza - Hotlap and Setup | 1:19.5

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One more steup from me, this time it's Monza. I haven't seen any Monza setup for this year car on the internet so I hope it will help someone.

There is kind of pattern with 2021 car that it needs much more front wing than rear wing, it's 4-0 in this case. I checked it with wings app and at high speeds it shows that 45% of downforce goes to the front, which pretty much matches the amount of weight on the front axle. So the 'weird' settings seem to produce good aero balance.

Tried higher downforce setup after I saw ntst22 going 18.7 on higher wings. I couldn't quite extract maximum from his one so I made changes to the one I used previously and went 18.9. Here's the lap and the setup:

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