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RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 - Beginner Tutorial?

Are there any resources out there for a beginner looking to get started with the RSS FH2021 car in AC? I'm relatively new to sim-racing in general (played some F12020 in casual mode) and feel overwhelmed by all of the options/modes/customizations available in the car. My times have been improving, but other than choosing tires I still feel like I don't really understand much about how the car works. Things like ERS, MGU-H/K, KERS, all are a bit of a foreign language to me, and I'm looking for something that could give me a basic run-through of what theses are and how they can be best used in AC. I tried looking on RSS's website for some kind of documentation or youtube for a beginner tutorial but haven't had any luck. Is there any resource like this out there? Thanks!