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RSS 3 Tyre Pack and Patch

Skins RSS 3 Tyre Pack and Patch 1.0

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SamtheStupid submitted a new resource:

RSS 3 Tyre Pack and Patch - For skins and the Lights Patch

The patch allows AC shaders patch users to experience the tyre textures change depending on the selected compound.
There are two folders
  • For skins contains compound for use in skins
  • Tyre Patch includes the files for installing the tyre patch
The tyre patch is a simple installation
Shaders Patch is required
Drag the 'extension' file into your Assetto Corsa directory ande overwrite the zip file...

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You use it when using the shaders patch to make the tyre change.
  • Red is soft
  • Yellow is medium
  • White is hard
You have to have the shaders patch installed for it to work. If you don't have it there are files that can be used in each skin in the 'For Skin' folder