RSRBR2013 France tarmac sounds

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by function9, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. function9


    A couple days ago I decided to switch to rsrbr2013 from 2012. The problem I've encountered is on all standard/default France stages (tarmac) tire sounds are extremely low, barely audible. Turning up the tyre sound in options doesn't work, because to turn it up enough to hear the tires skid means all other tire sounds are deafening loud. All other tarmac stages (including BTB France stages) the sound is fine. The sound is also fine on France stages when running the original game, only seems to be an issue when running them from the RSCenter, no matter which way I run them. I've tried a handful of cars on those stages and it's all the same.

    I did uninstall RBR+RSRBR2012 before installing anything. I tried to change some settings in the "Ingame.ini" but that didn't help. I also temporarily removed all plugins to see if any of those were causing it. And made sure vsync was enabled in the fixup plugin. And I checked all install files with that VoirMD5.exe app. Not sure what else to try.

    Edit: It's also happening on stages that are normally gravel but run with the tarmac mod, New Bobs for example.