RSRBR2010 now updated to Update 04

Warren Dawes

Please note that RSRBR2010 has been updated to the latest release, Update 04, as from 9th May 2010.

Anyone joining RD on-line Rallys will need this update.

I have updated the main Sticky thread : here

Update 04 can be downloaded: Here

Also note that you will need to update some Car Packs (as advised with the main update).

Car packs that need updating after Update 04 are: A8W-09, A8W-08, A7K_2, A7S_1, N4_S2000_1, and Group B.

or simply download and install the new full car pack, whichever you prefer.

Car Packs are found: Here

Please note: If you can't see your desired car class in the list in RSCenter, then you need to install the latest Car Pack for that Class.
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