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RSEAT B1 Review


I have been sim racing for a few years now and recently decided to upgrade from my Logitech G920 and DIY wheel stand to something more serious. I already picked out a direct drive wheel and load cell pedals, so the only thing left to do was find a chassis that could handle it. After extensive research, I ordered the B1 from RSEAT.


The process of ordering through RSEAT was about as simple as it could be. Their website has all of the compatible accessories on the main cockpit page so all you have to do is check a box for the ones you want. I chose the B1 in the black finish with the shifter/handbrake mount, keyboard/mouse tray, and Buttkicker mount. I also picked up a T3L monitor stand while I was at it. Adding everything to the cart was a breeze and the checkout process was smooth.


RSEAT America ships via DHL Express and my order was shipped in three separate packages. The first package showed up in about a week with the second two packages arriving a few days later. DHL kept me updated throughout the process, and considering this came from eastern Europe, I was pleased with the time frame.


As previously mentioned, everything I ordered came in three packages. The two smaller packages contained the monitor stand and shifter/handbrake mount. The boxes were a little dented but no major issues. Inside, all of the metal parts were wrapped several times in protective material and bubble wrap. Getting through this packaging was actually quite a bit more work than I was expecting. Nevertheless, I am glad RSEAT went overboard on protecting the metal since some earlier reviews of their previous products mentioned shipping damage leading to scratches and dents. The last package was the chassis itself and the rest of the accessories. This one came on a palette and was not only taped shut, but also stapled shut for good measure. This box did have some holes in it from shipping, but again, all the parts inside were wrapped so well, nothing on the inside was damaged. The accessories had their own boxes that I was able to remove with ease, but the chassis came partially pre-assembled. I ended up needing to disassemble a few pieces of it to get it off the palette and into its new home. I enlisted some help for the move as it is rather bulky and heavy, but it could be done by one person. For the thousands of miles that my new rig traveled, the boxes were the only thing damaged; RSEAT did a great job making sure everything on the inside looked pristine.


The build process was very straightforward. I was able to assemble almost everything by just looking at the pictures on the RSEAT website. The lower frame and uprights come assembled with the wheel deck already in place. The pedal deck is also assembled out of the box and just needs to be bolted on to the frame. The seat platform required the most assembly but even that is just a few brackets and bolts. Everything you need to put the B1 together is included in the box – hex wrenches, bolts, locknuts, and washers. I found that a socket wrench made the process easier and faster, but don’t feel like you have to go buy a tool kit just to build this rig. The only hardware you will need to provide yourself is for mounting your wheel, pedals, and such. RSEAT put a lot of thought into the design and it certainly shows during the build. My only warning would be to plan the build out first, otherwise you will probably end up needing to disassemble certain parts to gain access to others. As with the unboxing, having someone to help lift and hold parts is recommended, but not necessary.


Basically everything on this chassis can be adjusted. The pedal deck has two different mounting locations to accommodate people with longer or shorter legs. Then the pedal plate is on rails to fine tune the placement from there. The plate can also tilt towards the driver to adjust the pedal height and angle depending on your preference. The seat is on rails and slides easily with the pull of the handle, locking into place with a confident click when you release. The seat brackets allow for some flexibility in mounting height and angle, but the full range of adjustments here will depend on your seat. The wheel deck has a full range of motion to move up, down, forwards, and backwards, as well as tilt up and down. The combination of pedal, seat, and wheel adjustments mean just about any person will be able to find a comfortable driving position. The shifter/handbrake mount is also adjustable up, down, forwards, and backwards. It can be tilted too if you want. The adjustment process itself is pretty easy for the pedal deck, pedal plate, and seat, but the wheel deck and shifter/handbrake mount are really difficult to adjust without another person to hold them in place. Overall, I like the flexibility of this rig; it just takes some time to dial everything in.


Sitting in the seat for the first time and driving a couple different sims was an incredible experience. This chassis is built like a tank and feels like it while driving. There is no discernible flex anywhere, even when cranking the steering wheel or mashing the pedals. I am able to get some flex if I apply torque in a very unnatural way, but while driving, I would never notice it. The feel of the seat will obviously depend on the seat you choose, but the mounting platform does not creak or squeak at all. Stick with a high quality seat and this chassis should serve you well with even the stiffest wheels and pedals.

Keyboard Tray​

One of the main reasons I chose the RSEAT B1 was because of this keyboard tray. When I am not sim racing, I like to be able to use my computer for other games and tasks. Too many other brands just stick the keyboard off to the side; RSEAT was one of the few that allow the keyboard to swing fully underneath the wheel and in front of the user. The tray is essentially one big rectangle with subtle edges to keep your keyboard and mouse from falling off the sides. This tray is attached to the rig by an articulating swing arm. I was a little concerned at first by the single M8 bolt that is used to support everything here, but even when applying downward pressure, the arm stayed firm. It definitely sags under its own weight and flexes when you apply pressure, but it’s not so much to be distracting during use. I use a 100% layout keyboard and with the keyboard all the way to the left edge, there is plenty of room to use the mouse normally on the right. RSEAT did a great job with the design of this accessory and it functions exactly as I hoped it would. The only modification I made was to add some foam around the right edge to prevent the tray from hitting my shifter.


No matter where you live or what currency you use, the B1 is not cheap. Its price puts it up against high-end 80/20 rigs and other bespoke cockpit designs. However, as I previously noted, I think it belongs there. It may not have quite the versatility of an 80/20 rig, but the build quality is every bit as good. As for value, the price includes the seat, seat brackets, assembly hardware, and tools, which could all be significant expenses otherwise. Accessories can be a bit pricey as well, but you get the option to leave them off so you only pay for the ones you need. There are less expensive rigs on the market, but the value with the B1 is quite high, especially if you plan on using a direct drive wheel and load cell pedals.

Customer Service​

RSEAT customer service responded to all of my inquiries in a timely manner and took care of every problem I had. Unfortunately, I had quite a few problems. RSEAT shipped me a P1 shifter/handbrake mount and an M10 bolt for the keyboard tray; the chassis feet and pedal deck brackets were left out of my shipment entirely, along with the assembly instructions. As soon as I discovered these incorrect or missing parts, I contacted RSEAT and they promptly shipped the correct parts to me free of charge. This took extra time and slowed the build process down, but at least they fixed their mistakes. When asked for comment, RSEAT informed me that this is not the typical quality I should expect of RSEAT. The B1 is a brand new product and I was one of the first people to get one, so they made a few mistakes during this transition period. I am willing to cut them a little slack since the product is so new, but this many issues in one fairly standard order seems unreasonable. RSEAT has promised to work with their quality control team to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.


The RSEAT B1 is everything I hoped it would be when looking for my perfect sim rig. The combination of strength and rigidity complemented by adjustability and adaptability is superb. Sitting in the cockpit, it is apparent just how much thought RSEAT put into designing it. The B1 looks incredible with its industrial aesthetic and helps to add that extra level of immersion in sims. When not driving, I can swing the keyboard tray around and use my computer as if I were at a desk. I definitely think that RSEAT made all the right compromises here. I did have some issues along the way, but none of those were issues with the B1 itself. If RSEAT can manage to correct their quality control mistakes, I would have very little to complain about. If you are someone looking for a high quality sim rig that can handle direct drive wheels and load cell pedals, the B1 needs to be on your radar.
I purchased an RSeat last year. When I received it it had a damaged part. I contacted customer service through the chat room and they promised to send me a replacement part, did not receive after a month I contacted again and spoke with a new customer service rep, they said they never saw my original request and would speak to the factory regarding my replacement part and get back with me, again after two weeks I contacted them and they apologized and said would get back to me to confirm ship date for my replacement part, again after two weeks I never received a reply back with when replacement part would be delivered, so I contacted them again and have been ghosted ever since. My observation of RSeat is they are great at putting together a slick marketing website and supporting marketing pieces like the post above, but they are a sham of a company when it comes to supporting their product. Once you buy from them they do not want to hear from you again. No customer support, stay away from RSeat.
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