RROD fixed without overheating processor

Rob Simms

Dec 9, 2008
If anyone has to do this Xbox 360 fix. If the instructions online call for drilling, they are wrong. The parts on a search for rrod lowes fix, if you find the (8) M5.8 x 10 screws with a 5/16 wrench head on it. You will only need to put the #10 nylon washer(no 5mm flat metal washer) on the screw then put in into the bottom of motherboard. Then place a #10 nylon on the top side, then the 5mm washer, and the heatsink to cover the one processor. You can snug these screws. Put the motherboard back in w/out the fan and put the front power switch back on. Then plug it in and power it on without the other heatsink to cover the other two processors. You should see the xbox screen start to come on and then the 3 lights. They should turn to 2 lights in a few seconds and power it off. Put the other heatsink on(the same as the above heatsink.) The put the fan unit, cover, and drive back in it, and power it up before putting the covers on it.


Nov 15, 2010
Hmmm seems like a fresh idea man... but i recently got the 3 RRODs, (actually been an awesome run with this console, had it since launch day and not 1 problem until now)
I actually have a slightly different problem that can't be fixed with your method, at least i think so anyway.
The Arctic paste between the cpu+heatsink and gpu+heatsink has completely dried up to the point of being flakey like old paint. I cannot find anywhere locally to get some of this stuff, it's too risky to buy something like this off ebay aswell, because i want to get the highest quality paste available... Hopefully then it will start working again.


Feb 12, 2009
it's not a fresh idea, you can buy these kits on ebay and they have been around for ever, and it works perfectly well I might add, nice of Rob to bring it to people's attention though.