Round 9 Recap: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

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  1. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    Mikko Puumalainen, from Finland, has won the sixth round of the 2012 FSR Fantasy League with 98 points! Congratulations! Signups are now open. You may now check your team's results and perform driver swaps and up to 2 driver transfers in your My Team page.

    Round Results & Standings

    Race Points

    Ending the first half of the 2012 FSR Fantasy League competition, Mikko Puumalainen won round 6 with his Gamepad Racing team, consisting of race winner Morgan Morand, 2nd-place finisher Jeffrey Rietveld, together with Ville Leppala and Philipp Puschke. Mikko's score of 98 points, together with the one of 2nd-placed Ondrej Kuncman from Czech Republic (96 points) were the only ones who stood out of an extremely closely-matched round. Britain's Jonathan Holmes was 3rd with 68 points.

    Nicolas Gschwind's dominance at the top of the standings was short-lived, as Czech manager Ondrej Kuncman is now the new championship leader with 471 points, in the quest for the Thrustmaster T-Wireless 3 in 1 Rumble Force Gamepad. Nicolas Gschwind, from Argentina, is now 2nd with 467 points, while Italian Matteo Cabri is the new 3rd-placed manager with 371 points. An even worse round, 73rd with 6 points, dropped former leader Simon Adebisi to 12th on the standings with 336 points.

    Since round winner Mikko Puumalainen is not elegible for prizes due to holding the FSR World Championship Director position, Simon Adebisi (2x), John-Eric Saxen, Andrew Smith and Paul Boon remain the contenders for the Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3 in 1 Rumble Force Gamepad that a round winner will take home at the end of the season.

    Race winner Morgan Morand was the top-scoring driver of the round for the second race in a row. Without a hattrick or grand slam this time, the Frenchman still scored 44 points for those managers who had confidence in him. Belgian driver Stoffel Vandoorne shone on his home GP, finishing 3rd after starting from 23rd on the grid, to become the second top-scorer with 28 points. Podium finisher Jeffrey Rietveld was the 3rd scorer with 27. Championship leader Bono Huis, who had always been the top scorer of all rounds he participated in so far this season, was only the 6th scorer with 17 points.

    Drivers' market costs were updated. Ville Leppala (+1300$), Jeffrey Rietveld (+400$) and Philipp Puschke (+300$) were the drivers who climbed the costs ladder the most. Remember that the drivers that you already have on your team will continue to cost you what they did when you included them on your lineup.

    If you are proud of your result on the sixth round of the FSR Fantasy League, remember you can share your achievements with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers by pressing the Facebook/Twitter icons in your My Team page!

    The seventh round of the FSR Fantasy League will be the Italian GP on August 26th, kicking off the second half of the 2012 FSR Fantasy League. Remember to perform the driver transfers and swaps you need to become the next round winner!

    Feel free to discuss your performance in the round in this thread. Do you think you have picked the right drivers for your team? Any regrets on your lineup? Are you happy with the transfers/swaps you made for this round? Do you already have your next team changes planned? Did your drivers perform as expected at Spa-Francorchamps? Let us know!
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  2. Mikko Puumalainen

    Mikko Puumalainen

    I had a feeling :)

    Thanks to my drivers for their performances, although Philipp's pitexit cuts did make me want to:

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  3. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns

    Nice one Mikko.
    Some bastard has put sand in my Ride-on mower's petrol tank.
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  4. Philipp Puschke

    Philipp Puschke

    lol :D only did that for you mikko you know.. mhh
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  5. Ville Leppala

    Ville Leppala

    Just singed up for Fantasy thingy. Be aware of GAS Racing, i am going to win rest of the races.
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  6. Morgan Morand

    Morgan Morand


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  7. Jonathan Holmes

    Jonathan Holmes

    Good job I bought Ville when he was cheap ;)
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  8. Ron Squire

    Ron Squire

    i havent checked on my team yet but i think Telefonica Racing is doing well now that i am now at the helm good drivers in my Team A lineup- Jeffrey Rietfeld and Eduard Mallorqui and Team B- Markus Hoffman and Giuseppe Marconi
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