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Round #1, Australia: Post-Race Discussion

Ben Eastman

Jun 26, 2011
Big crash on formation lap LOL....i come around 14 and there's a bunch of cars just sitting there, i dodge left, next thing i know the guy im supposed to be following get's smoked by someone behind me and lands on my car.

James Early

Oct 21, 2014
I need to apologize to a few drivers about the formation lap. I was caught off guard and could not move out the way in time. I was forced to retire on lap 19 as I tried to move out of the way for cars when they were lapping me and I kind of went straight into the wall. Again sorry about the start...

Will Barnes

Jan 7, 2013
I couldn't have hoped for a better start to my first full year in the Pro Series! The team worked really well to make sure everything went smoothly and I wouldn't have been able to achieve this result without them. Also a huge thank you to our sponsors, InsideSimRacing and OnWheelsTV.

Qualifying was a pleasant surprise, managed P17 which is a huge improvement from last year where more often than not I was stone dead last. Could have managed maybe P16 but all in all I was pretty pleased.

I had my heart in my mouth on the formation lap and race start when I saw cars suddenly stop and crash right behind me. Got a decent launch off the line but had to be super careful to avoid getting collected, came very close to touching someone but just avoided it.

Pace on first stint was pretty rubbish gathering that I was on option but the main thing was that I managed to conserve them enough to reach lap 9/10. Second stint was better and had a nice battle with Andrea (sorry if I moved suddenly when defending I was adjusting pitstop settings.

Middle stint was alright but being caught by Ventura pretty quickly. Managed to keep my nose clean when racing side by side and only lapped once!

Got a bit hectic mid race with Ben hunting me down, but with some pushing I increased the gap and got out of DRS firing range.

With a few laps to go Juan was catching me so had to just focus on keeping it clean.

All in all a pretty epic race for me at least, thanks to the hosts and broadcasters as usual.
Feb 18, 2015
I qualified in 20th (like my username here, epic win).

At the end of formation lap my pride and joy rested in peace floating in a sea of front and rear wings, including my rear one.

After starting from the pits, it was a matter of passing dead drivers with a "finish the race for godness sake" mentality. Finally I did it, hell yeah. My first FSR points.

Congrats to the podium and finishers. See you in Malaysia.

PD: Dmitry, it wasn't me, was my team mate Juan haha
May 11, 2011
Straight to the point. Really good performance at qualifying, safely pole position. Race pace was quite nice, but I had to slow down a little bit to save my tires. I think we could have really nice battle with Jeroen, but rf2 wants to do some space researches with me :D Hope to see you guys on Malaysia, next time will be harder for you :D

Ben Eastman

Jun 26, 2011
I just want to forget this race and go next, many equipment problems, this race to be forgotten
Kind of wish we had a red flag after the formation lap crash. I know a few people took major and I had a flatspot+minor damage in the FL which caused that tyre to melt much faster than the other corners for the rest of the race. In the end it cost me a nice finish as on L25 around T14 the FL gave way and I ended up ass end into the wall and race over.

Also sorry to dmitry for the collision in T3, but you passed and I turn in and you slow down, there was nowhere I could go.
Mar 4, 2011
This was my first FSR race ever as until recently I only raced on iRacing. I must thank the OFR team for offering me the opportunity to drive for them just a few days ago, even though I had very little to show other than a few laps in practice (and not particularli fast either). I knew I could not compete with the guys in front, so my goal was to survive and end the race in one piece.
Q didn't go too well and I was only 13. The start of the race was scary, I was able to avoid the carnage at T1 by taking evasive action into the grass, but it cost me two spots. I drove cautiously my first stint and my options lasted 16 laps. At this point I knew I could get to the end of the race with only one pitstop, and so I did.

The only significant battle was with Will Barnes, but I had fresher tires and could overtake him without risking too much (thanks for the clean racing Will!).

In the end, thanks to attrition I ended up in 8th place. Probably the best result that I could realistically expect and some valuable points for the team. Looking forward to the next race, hopefully without formation lap incidents!
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Oct 9, 2013
Q1 Nearly dropped out because i never managed a decent lap till the last one.
Q2 Some slightly mistake missing in each sector a bit more than a tenth but p5 for the end.
Race: Decent start, First three laps a bit slow because of the Pressure after so long, (Never did a testrace once this year) After those three laps i managed to calm down and increased my laptimes like i should have.
Alot of drivers made mistakes, However i thought i'm a bit more slower than James in the race which was not the case. It looked more like we had the exactly same Race pace. By the way Good job mate ;). I knew that jeroen is unbeatable this race and that he probably will win this one. Hell he even had a chance to win the Wc Race and that says everything about his current form.
In the end my fuel Didn't allow me to reach the last 50metres and i lost my p2. Sad moment there i didn't want to loose to much to jeroen but yea in the end my race speed was way to slow and it was my own fault for that. Next week hopefully i come back stronger. I didn't had that much practice after the New mod came out and couldn't really help the team due to that. Hopefully that will change now from malaysia till the end of the Season. And hopefully i can speak some words on the track for the Driver title.
(Ps: Jonny, remember in the past when a commentator said something, mostly of the times always the opposite happened what they had expected) Don't do the same in malaysia again as you did in Melbourne with the comparison aka Jenson button because you saw what happened ;).

Just kidding mate...:D At least the finish was entertaining for you guys lol
Feb 18, 2015
Oh now that Will mentioned that, sorry to David O'Reilly I think it was, in the formation lap I had no vision of my left side (on the grid) and I was expecting Zaharov to move on to follow him, and as he was starting from the pits I was stopped until I saw David (who started behind me) passing me. Sorry for that!

Dmitry Zaharov

Jul 21, 2011
In the race I had to serve stop&go for speeding in the pitlane. For some reason sim also decided to change the tires, so instead of 10 sec pitstop was 16 sec. Any ideas why (no I did not pressed pitstop button accidentally)?
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Jul 25, 2011
Q1, Did not deliver a good lap but that's what I had to live with
Race, Start was ok, I saw the troubles unfolding in front of me before it happened at the start and was there for able to avoid being involved, I had good pace and was pushing hard and on L8 I lost alot of down force out of T12 behind Christian Befumo and did not do enough to save the car.

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