Round 06 Highlights - Monaco


Mower of Lawns
Here is the highlights package from round 06 of the Auto GP World Championship:

Thanks to Jack Nicholls for recording the commentary, Patrick de Wit for the cams, Dennis Hirrle, and everyone else who worked on the track.

I'm very sorry for the late production, it was a case of bad timing between myself switching ISPs and Jack having Uni exams. I will make up for it at Turkey.

While I don't agree with some of the opinions in the commentary, the video production is absolutely superb as always.

Just a shame that under appeal results are used instead of the real ones though.


Mower of Lawns
My aim is always to get these reviews pushed out as soon as possible, preferably by Wednesday after the race weekend. Obviously, this means that the results will not take into account appeals.

If video production is late, and the appeals have been settled, then I will include them in the results.

I know its not ideal to use results that aren't final, but if I waited for appeals to be completed, then I would at times be releasing these reviews after the following rounds race weekend.
I know mate, it was just me thinking out loud, I fully understand why you use the most up-to-date results available. Please don't take it as criticism, I absolutely love your videos. :)
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